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Welcome to Indie Shaman

Indie Shaman is an independent UK based organisation and magazine publisher offering support, information and training on shamanism and living a shamanic lifestyle.

Indie Shaman Magazine

The UK's only magazine on shamanism available directly in print from an independent publisher, Indie Shaman is a quarterly glossy high quality magazine printed on FSC paper with 48 pages packed full of informative illustrated articles, distributed throughout the UK and internationally. Also available in pdf and flipbook format.

A great time to Subscribe! Get Issue 32 now & Issue 33 at the end of July!* Plus free PDF booklet with all our PDF back issues.

Issue 33 includes:

  • ‘The Last of the Shor Shamans’: an introduction by Llyn Roberts.
  • ‘Who is the Kam?’ by Alexander and Luba Arbachakov.
  • ‘Coming in from the Edge: Shamanic Practice and Environmental Activism’ by Tom Henfrey & Jayne Johnson.
  • ‘The Accidental Shaman’ by Howard G. Charing.
  • ‘Two Women, Two Ways of Working with Sacred British Landscape’, Alysa Blackwood talks to actress and singer, Susan Marie Paramor and archaeologist, Gillian Smith.
  • ‘Dragonfly Dreaming’ by Jason Smalley.
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Flax.
  • Brenda El-Leithy shares her thoughts on ‘The Yin and Yang of the Medicine Wheel’.
  • Storyteller, Martin Pallot, continues the tale of ‘Ghost Dancer’.
  • Plus: Win a signed copy of ‘Unravelled Visions’ by Nina Milton; ‘Community Spirit’ featuring the Wind Listeners; columnist Yvonne Ryves; book reviews, events calendar and our regular cartoon strip Shay Mann.Storyteller, Martin Pallot, relates the first half of his new tale ‘Ghost Dancer'.

Please view Magazine page for content listing of Issue 32.

*Offer open until distribution date of Issue 33 or (print only) until print issues of Issue 33 sell out.

Supporting Wildlife Rescues - 50p from all subscriptions donated to wildlife rescues

Back issues are also available in our shop.

Shamanism Shop

Visit the Indie Shaman's Shamanism Shop, for a wide range of shamanic tools including: incense, smudge, herbs and resins; drums and rattles; singing bowls; aura chimes; medicine bags ... and much more, including Indie Shaman magazine back issues! We donate 10% of all full price goods sales to Wildlife Rescues.

Indie Shaman Community

Home Study Shamanic Course

Our home study shamanic course offers two levels of shamanic skills for the price of one plus free bonus shamanic practitioners level with individual tutor response via email. Suitable for personal exploration of shamanism or as an introduction to becoming a practitioner. With 50% member's discount available.

Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher List

Need a shamanic practitioner or teacher/mentor? Have a look through our Shamanic Practitioners List.

Free listing available to shaman and shamanic practitioners (subject to verification, references etc). Please contact us for more information.

Events List

Shamanic events and training workshops in the UK and internationally are listed on our Events page

Shamanic Drumming Circles

If you are looking for a shamanic drumming circle near you please view our Drum Circle page

Book Reviews

Looking for a book on shamanism or just for a good book? Visit our book review site Shamanism:Books

Shamanic Chat Group

Want to chat to like-minded people or would like some advice or support? Do join us in our Facebook Group, a space where people can discuss shamanism and share information in a safe and supportive environment. Free and open to all.

About Indie Shaman

Indie Shaman aims to provide a means of helping people answer questions about life, promote self discovery and self development, and encourage respect for the self, the community and the land. We aim to do this by providing a supportive network for those interested in a Shamanic way of life, as well as for Shaman and Shamanic Practitioners from all cultures and for those of mixed heritage as well as those who are unsure yet as to where their cultural heritage lies.

The answer to the question “what does the ‘Indie’ in Indie Shaman stand for?” is, as most people guess, independent; meaning all inclusive regardless of tradition or area of shamanic interest. Indie Shaman was set up with the aim of being approachable and providing accessible support, advice and information, spanning across traditional indigenous shamanism, contemporary shamanism and multiculturalism. The ‘Indie’ in Indie Shaman also means independent person who thinks for themselves as in our slogan ‘For Independent Spirits’, a very shamanic trait found in both indigenous and contemporary shaman. Plus we liked the pun!


Indie Shaman began as a discussion board /shamanic forum in 2006. When it moved to its own hosted website, forum members suggested they could help contribute to the cost of running the site through membership and Indie Shaman as we know it now was formed. The shop was started shortly after with the aim of financially supporting the free services Indie Shaman offered. As our membership had expanded from those interested in training in shamanism to include those interested in shamanism in a wider context the concept of a ‘shamanic lifestyle’ was explored and included.

In 2008 members suggested starting up a 'Good Causes Fund' with donations being made by Indie Shaman including from shop sales and in 2009 we first adopted a hedgehog from Secret World Wildlife Sanctuary. We were pleasantly surprised to then receive a rather cuddly hedgehog and it was decided he could travel round and visit members around the world. Shaman Sham the wandering hedgehog was born! Starting in the UK Sham has now visited many countries including Ireland, Scotland, Greece, the US, Peru and Spain. Most notably attending 2 courses in shamanism with Ross Heaven earning his own ‘ologies’ and discovering his true name Ezekiel. A member’s suggestion and further fund-raiser in 2010 led to the adoption of Madadh, a beautiful wolf from Wolf Watch UK. We have also supported other animal rescue work such as Billy's Campaign, a young horse rescued in 2016.

By 2009 Indie Shaman could afford to offer something more to members and the Indie Shaman magazine was launched. Summer 2012 was the first edition of the magazine to have an ISSN number, being officially available for sale to the general public and stored for posterity with the British Library. 2012 was also the year when we first launched a pdf subscription giving an affordable, ecological option particularly suitable for our growing number of subscribers outside the UK. We have, of course continued to give free membership benefits to all subscribers to continue the sense of community.

Indie Shaman offers free information sharing to facilitate finding events, workshops or a practitioner and 2013 saw the expansion of both pages on our website. Sharing information about relevant books and the growing number of books reviewed for the magazine led to the birth of our book review website Shamanism Books.

Indie Shaman has been through a few changes in response to demand since that first year and aims to continue to respond to the needs of those who approach us so if you have a good idea do contact us!

Supporting Wolf Watch UK

an image of Pepe and Madadh with text giving thanks to subscribers and customers of Indie Shaman

We first supported Wolf Watch UK in 2010, adopting Madadh, a beautiful black Canadian Wolf who came to Wolf Watch as a tiny cub with her brother Kgosi in April 1999. Maddy is still doing exceptionally well, getting older like the rest of us but doing it with style and grace.

We are happy to be able to continue supporting Wolf Watch UK and so far have also been able to make an annual additional donation on top of the standard adoption fee. In 2014 June accidentally ticked the wrong box on the adoption renewal form and adopted Pepe, a four year old male Timber Wolf but we didn't think anyone would mind as it enables us to bring you news of another beautiful wolf!

With many thanks to all our customers at the Indie Shaman Shop, all Indie Shaman subscribers and everyone who supports our fundraisers.

Wolf Watch UK

Madadh and Pepe live at Wolf Watch UK, a rescue centre that works to promote Wolf conservation. Do feel free to click on the link and also adopt a wolf!

“The primary function of Wolf Watch UK is as a rescue centre for displaced wolves. This necessity occurs through incidents such as dominance fights, excess breeding or zoo closures. Occasionally animals are brought to us by the RSPCA and local council authorities. Our priority is to care for these wolves and the environment we have created for them.

A large 20 acre enclosure gives Wolf Watch UK’s resident wolves unrivalled natural space to roam free, this is one of the largest (to our knowledge) in Europe. Most of the forest however, is designated to remain undisturbed, since we feel it should be preserved as the superb environment it is for the native wildlife.”

Indie Shaman Good Causes Fund

The Indie Shaman Good Causes Fund (originally called the 'Charity Fund') was set up in 2008 and each year donates money raised by Indie Shaman and the Indie Shaman Community towards good causes, primarily wildlife rescue nominated by members of the community.

Donate Now

100%* of all donations we receive goes into our Good Causes Fund and is used to continue our support of wildlife rescues.

*We make no adminstrative charges. 100% of the net amount we receive from PayPal goes to the Charity Fund which is minus a small charge PayPal makes for processing payments.

Indie Shaman Donations

Indie Shaman currently donates:

  • 10% of all UK full price sales from the Indie Shaman Shop, 'Ethical Stores'.
  • 50p from all Subscription payments*

*subscription renewal payments made at the original price of the subscription where the price has since increased due to e.g. the increased cost of postage, may be excluded from a donation being made by Indie Shaman when doing so would involve financial loss.

Please note Indie Shaman reserves the right to alter the charitable donations it makes to the Indie Shaman Good Causes Fund but will not do so without notification via this page.