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Events are open to the general public unless stated otherwise. Click on the event name title link (underlined) or image to view websites which will open in a new webpage where available. Contact information may also be given on the event advertisement. For more information on any event please contact the event holder directly. Events diary listings are in date order.

For shamanic drumming circles please view our Drum Circles page.


Introduction to Shamanism days. with Paul Francis, Therapeutic Shamanism. VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN THE UK. These one-day workshops run at various times in the year. The day is experiential, and cover the basics of shamanic practice. People usually find them an eye-opening experience that opens a rich and amazing world of possibilities. Participants are shown simple yet profound techniques to enter shamanic reality to reconnect to their own spirituality. No prior experience is necessary. The day includes: the history of shamanism; the key concepts of the shamanic universe; how to enter a shamanic ‘journey’; a power animal retrieval journey; the basics of how to journey for others. For more information or if you would interested in organising an Introductory Day in your area email

Shamanic Sundays. with Mandy Pullen. FOREST OF DEAN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Usually on the first Sunday of every month: Forest of Dean 10.30am - 1pm. Monthly journeying circle to allow space for spirit work in our busy lives. Suitable for those who can already journey and beginners as a taster of shamanic journeying. Regular Introduction to Shamanism workshops are held for those who wish to go on and learn the technique. Contact details: Mandy Pullen Tel:01594 541850 or Email:

Wander the Wheel Sabbat celebrations with Nicola & Jason Smalley, The Way of the Buzzard . Day long celebrations at Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, Samhain, the Equinoxes and the Solstices. We spend the day on and around the West Pennine Moors near Chorley, LANCASHIRE, with time in an old converted stable block, and out on the moorlands and in the meadows and woodlands and at local ancient sacred sites. Each workshop is focused on drawing on the powerful transformational energies at each stage in our solar year. Its a chance to connect in with other aligned souls to deep together in our shamanic practice of our land. Contact Nicola and Jason on, 01257 233909

Drum Birthing Days with Nicola & Jason Smalley, The Way of the Buzzard . Near Chorley, LANCASHIRE. There is something really special about crafting your own sacred tool, putting your creative energy into something which you will work with on your spiritual journey for years to come. Join us on one of our days to will birth your own drum. Cost from £190. Contact Nicola or Jason on 01257 233909,

Reiki Drumming and Meditation in the Woods with Tanya Adams. A series of summer sessions at The Cabin, behind Queens Wood Cafe – 42 MUSWELL HILL ROAD, LONDON, N10 3JP. Relax, Recharge and Re-centre with an hour’s Meditation and Drumming using Reiki Drumming to let go of daily tensions and return to your core inner peace. Medicine Drums have been used for eons to shift energy, consciousness and reconnect with your core divine energy. Enjoy the powerful and ancient healing and journeying techniques to restore your inner peace while all held and receiving the beautiful energy of Reiki. Please book in advance as places are limited. Email or book on line. Please bring your own water, blankets and cushions and/or yoga mats to sit or lie down on.

Shamanic day workshops and weekend retreats running throughout the year in the NORTHWEST OF ENGLAND,with Nicola & Jason Smalley, The Way of the Buzzard. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of the PEAK DISTRICT, YORKSHIRE DALES, FOREST OF BOWLAND and the WEST PENNINE MOORS.Learn and further develop your shamanic practice through nature connection journeying, drumming, crafting, and working with animal spirit guides, spirit guides & teachers, and tree spirit medicine. Contact Nicola and Jason on, 01257 233909

Monthly Open 'Warrior' Soul Rescue Circle with Shirley Flint and Kieron Morgan. St Michael’s Church The Sanctuary, Ewell Village,SURREY, ENGLAND. 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start. An evening rescuing the lost souls of those who have fought in battle and war, who in such a traumatic and selfless way ended their lives, and those who have died as a result of war throughout all ages and lands. For all enquiries please contact Shirley Flint on 07889 018713 or There is no charge for the evening but donations to St Michael's are welcome.

Crystal Space Events. Meet up at 'Our Space'. Events including drum making. SILSDEN, WEST YORKSHIRE.

Munay Ki Network. YORKSHIRE

Ayahuasca Apprenticeship Retreats ONGOING Ayahuasca and shamanic plant diet apprenticeship retreats with Shipibo Maestra Rosa, in SACHA HUARMI, PERUVIAN AMAZON. 1-26 weeks. Certificate from 13 weeks onwards.


Shamanic Path Holidays. Introduction to Shamanism and the Runes 2017. 5 day all inclusive courses. April 20-26, May 4-9, June 8-13, October 5-10. Theme – Celtic Festival. Venue: Languedoc, SOUTHERN FRANCE. Cost £999 pp. Click on weblink for more information and contact details.

Roots Gathering 2017 19th - 21st May, near Rolvenden in KENT, UK. A micro festival with a shamanic aspect and its roots firmly planted in this land; to help share traditional crafts and arts as well as to celebrate the season. All talks and workshops included in price! Drumming, journey work, talks on European mythology and folk traditions, traditional crafts and arts like wood carving, clay sculpture, earth mandalas and bull roarer making. Children under 16 free and a dedicated children’s area. Click on website link for more information and to buy tickets. Watch the Roots Gathering YouTube Video. Roots Gathering also have a Facebook Events Page.

Merlin: Crossing Thresholds with Elen Sentier assisted by Dr Kevin Ashby PhD. 12 noon Fri 2nd June to 4pm Sun 4th June 2017, HEREFORDSHIRE. This experiential workshop is based around Elen Sentier’s latest book, Merlin , which is out 9th December 2016. This workshop is intimate and informal and takes place at Elen’s home near Hereford, in the border country between Wales and England, a beautiful, twilight land full of ancient crossing-places where the faer folk (the tylwyth teg) and Merlin stand guard. We’ll explore some of these thresholds on the workshop through dancing, drumming, journeying and working at sacred sites. Cost: £395. Max: 6 people. Tuition & lunch included. Contact:

Way of the Warrior Woman with Horses. HEBDEN BRIDGE, WEST YORKSHIRE, UK. Sat 3rd June 2017 Cost £87 Astro-shamanism workshop for women. For more information and to book please click on website link or email

Healing with Four Fires and Four Waters.Workshop with Sergio Magana. 8 and 9 June 2017. Kailash Centre, 7, Newcourt St. LONDON NW8 7AF. Contact email

5-Day Intensive. The Natural Shaman – Michael Roads returns to the UK for a 5-Day Intensive, 8-12 June 2017, at Park Place Centre, HAMPSHIRE. Now in his 80th year, Michael started writing about his communications with nature in the late 1980s and has been touring Europe for the past 20 years. This year’s Intensive focuses on “Awakenings”, and covers: The Evolution of Consciousness - Emotional Balance - Piercing the Veil of Illusion - Escaping the Prison of Mind - The End of Suffering - Love, the Power of Creation - Changing the Past - The Metaphysics of Nature - Oneness with All Life - Time, Life and the Human Cycle - The Immortal Soul You Are - What is Enlightenment? - Beyond Beliefs and Concepts - Relax-ism, My New Religion! For more information or to make a booking, please contact: Tel: 0790 9600341 Email:

The Visual Journey – Reconnect with Spirit and Claim your Creativity! In this weekend workshop held in sacred GLASTONBURY, Shamanic Practitioner and Artist Sharyn Turner will guide you gently through a creative process with the help of spirit guides, runes and nature spirits to help you produce a piece of sacred, healing art. No artistic or shamanic journeying experience is necessary. Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th June 2017. £150 for the weekend. E-mail or visit website for information and to book.

Mugwort Healing & Dreaming Ceremony. Reconnect with Spirit and Claim your Creativity! With Plant Consciousness Founders and plant spirit workers, Emma and Davyd Farrell . 9 – 11th June, The Rill Estate, Buckfastleigh, DEVON, UK. On this 3 day retreat, we will be working with the energies of the full moon to introduce you to and help amplify the many beneficial qualities of Mugwort, which we will be ingesting in various forms to show you how to develop a deeper relationship with the plant. Cost £340 including 2 nights shared accommodation and meals. Split payment option available.

Introduction to Shamanism with Paul Francis. SHREWSBURY, UK, June 24th. The day is experiential and covers the basics of shamanic practice. No prior experience is necessary. The day includes: the history of shamanism; the key concepts of the shamanic universe; how to enter a shamanic ‘journey’; a power animal retrieval journey; the basics of how to do a shamanic healing for other people. To book email, phone 01492 873 739

Eco Shamanism Day Workshop Saturday 1st July with Mandy Pullen. FOREST OF DEAN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. One day workshop about eco shamanism - this workshop is a taster to the Eco Shamanism Training Course beginning November 2017. Millers Farm, Blakeney, GL15 4AP. Please bring lunch to share, an eye cover, pen and notebook, mat and blanket, outdoor gear - £45. Contact details - Mandy Pullen Tel: 01594 541850 or email:

Short Course in (Eco) Shamanism with Mandy Pullen. CHELTENHAM, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Four day workshops covering Learning the Shaman’s Journey on July 15th, Energetic Medicine Techniques on August 5th, Soul Retrieval on September 10th and Eco Shamanism on October 7th. All for days £200 if booked by 17th June, £240 after that. You can attend each day individually but you must be able to journey shamanically for the Energetic Medicine and Soul Retrieval days. Contact details - Mandy Pullen Tel: 01594 541850 or email:

Yarrow Plant Spirit Ceremony. With Plant Consciousness Founders and plant spirit workers, Emma and Davyd Farrell . 9am 28th July - 3pm 30th July, The Rill Estate, Buckfastleigh, DEVON, UK. During this plant diet we will join in sacred space and only consume a yarrow elixir for 2.5 days. We will be working with the warrior aspect of Yarrow to reveal and heal our own weaknesses in how we relate to the world. We will journey with the spirit of Yarrow to heal up our bloodlines and sever the ties to traumas or patterns that are holding us back. Cost £295 including accommodation, refreshments and Sunday feast. Split payment and early bird offers.

Introduction to Shamanism with Paul Francis. LLANDUDNO, NORTH WALES, July 29th. The day is experiential and covers the basics of shamanic practice. No prior experience is necessary. The day includes: the history of shamanism; the key concepts of the shamanic universe; how to enter a shamanic ‘journey’; a power animal retrieval journey; the basics of how to do a shamanic healing for other people. To book email, phone 01492 873 739

A talk and workshop on Merlin and the Goddess in the Greenwood by Elen Sentier at the Green Gathering, CHEPSTOW, UK on Friday 4th August.

Tlahtollin – The Art of Manifesting with the Mathematical Order of Creation.Workshop with Sergio Magana. 10 August 2017, The Wesley, 81-103 Euston St, Kings Cross, LONDON NW1 2EZ. Tlahtollin in Nahuatl and the ancient knowledge means the movement of the word that creates the mathematical order of creation. ( At the beginning was the word... ). It is a synthesis of numerology, dreams, our intent and our relationship to cosmos together with the Mother Earth and our own energy system in order to manifest a range of our desires, such as healing, lucid dreaming, perfect health, rejuvenation.. etc. The elements of nature have always been honoured by the ancients, who developed a magical relationship of working with the Elements. In these workshop we will learn how to tap into the power of these elemental forces for your personal healing and transformation, how to be in alignment with elements of nature as our allies. Fees: £ 90.00 Contact email

Wild Earth Rhythms. Weekend residential workshop, August 25-27th, The Gathering Fields, LANCASHIRE. with Jayne Johnson and Amy Boud. A weekend of shamanism and music making in the converted barn, round the fire and amongst the beautiful landscape at The Gathering Fields. We will be spending quiet time in the outdoors to tune into the music and rhythm of the earth, other living beings, and the land. Singing songs and playing with sounds and voice - exploring the wilder edges of our voices to find a freer untamed expression of sound. Suitable for all levels of shamanic and musical experience. Cost £200 - deposit £50. Concessions available depending on numbers. Price excludes camping @£10 pppn. Includes some meals. Places are limited so book your place early - contact Jayne phone 07854146986 email or Amy phone 07938 878268 email

The Sacred and the Sensual: a women only retreat with Brooke Medicine-Eagle. August 25th 4pm - August 28th 2pm, Trigonos Retreat Centre, Nantlle, SNOWDONIA, GWYNEDD, LL54 6BW. Your body is Magic, on so many levels. During this remarkable time with legendary Earthkeeper and wisdom keeper Brooke, you will quest for your sensuous and wise connection to the power and wisdom of your body, exploring how to fall in love with life. We will focus on awakening true Feminine power, so important as we come into the time of the rising Feminine on Earth, recognising the natural spiritual and social leadership of women. Your womb is the most magical and mysterious place in the human body, and so will be the focus of our work and meditations, centering you within the cycles of nature. We will learn techniques and processes, go deep into meditation, hike the beautiful landscape, dance in sacred configurations to awaken our spirits and offer our love. Contact Claire on 07970 409 724 or

Introduction to Shamanism - Learn the Shaman’s Journey with Mandy Pullen. Saturday 2nd September - FOREST OF DEAN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Learn how to journey, explore the shaman’s map, retrieve a power animal, understand ritual and ceremony. Millers Farm, Blakeney, GL15 4AP. Please bring lunch to share, an eye cover, pen and notebook, mat and blanket - £45. Contact details - Mandy Pullen Tel: 01594 541850 or email:

Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. The first time this course has been taught in England by Cynthia Greer. 9 - 14th September, nr HEBDEN BRIDGE, WEST YORKSHIRE, UK £1022. For more information and to book please click on website link, view Heart of the Healer Events or email

Elemental Activism. 'Shamanic Empowerment for Environmental and Social Action' with Jayne Johnson and Tom Henfrey. Fri 22nd to Sunday 24th September 2017, Middlewood Trust - LANCASHIRE. Elemental Activism is a unique two-day workshop that weaves together a range of shamanic tools to support and empower social change activists. Shamanic journeying, nature connection, sacred sound and fire walking offer you an opportunity for profound personal transformation. Cost: £220 for early bird bookings before June 30th 2017. Full price £250. The price includes eco-friendly shared accommodation or camping and all meals. For more information and to book your place contact Jayne Johnson: 07854 146 986 or Tom Henfrey: 07972 535 918

Plant Consciousness Event 2017. 23rd and 24th September at Regent's University, LONDON. Bringing together the values of shamanism, herbalism, plant neurobiology, deep-ecology and eco-psychology, Plant Consciousness is a carefully designed weekend of in-depth teachings, interactive practical exercises and live music to take you on a magical journey into the conscious energetic world of plants. This journey will be held in sacred space by Davyd and Emma Farrell and the amazing healers and shamans that they are working with this year to help you discover a deeper understanding of plants and of your place in the biosphere of life on this planet. Speakers: Tonita Gonzalez, Curandera (Traditional Healer), New Mexico; Dr Rocío Alarcón, Ethnobotanist, Ethnopharmacologist & Healer, Ecuador; Dr Andy Letcher, Author of 'Shroom', Researcher & Folk Musician, UK; Sisa, Kichwa Curendara (Healer) & Tobaquera (Sacred Tobacco Shaman), Amazonian Ecuador; Anthar Kharana, Medicine Man, Guardian Of Traditions & Medicines Of The Americas, Musician, Colombia; Nathaniel Hughes, Herbalist, Author of Intuitive Herbalism & Weeds In The Heart, UK; Nikki Darrell & Alex Duffy, Herbalist & Phytotherapist / 'Fear Feasa' (Irish Healer) Ireland; Kurikindi, Kichwa Shaman, Amazonian Ecuador.

Introduction to Shamanism with Paul Francis. MANCHESTER, UK, September 30th. The day is experiential and covers the basics of shamanic practice. No prior experience is necessary. The day includes: the history of shamanism; the key concepts of the shamanic universe; how to enter a shamanic ‘journey’; a power animal retrieval journey; the basics of how to do a shamanic healing for other people. To book email, phone 01492 873 739

Reclaiming the Wise Woman! with Julie Bithell, Senior Counsellor and Shamanic Practitioner and Edwina Staniforth, Medical Herbalist and GAPS Practitioner. Sunday 1st October, 10.00 - 4.30. Venue: Roughlee Village Hall, Roughlee, LANCASHIRE, UK, in the sight of Pendle Hill and Pendle Witch Country. A workshop of Shamanism and Herbs. Journey through the menopause to meet a wise Grandmother. Look at the gifts and challenges that come when we are menopausal! Explore herbs that help us on our journey and make a gift from beautiful Elder to remind us we are Wise Women! Finally take part in a ceremony to rebirth and reclaim our inner Wise Woman. For more details or to book contact Julie Bithell on 07974 549336 or email through her website and Edwina Staniforth 07815574091, email refreshments provided, bring own lunch. Cost £65.00

Crystal Skulls Altar Workshop with Sergio Magana. 12 and 13 October, The Wesley Hotel and Conference Centre, Euston, LONDON. This is one of Sergio's most powerful workshops and we are bringing it back by the popular demand. You will learn how to redesign your life working with the five most powerful forces of nature. The crystal skulls symbolise Mictlantecuhtli, Lord of the Change. The major changes in our life are represented by the 5 colours representing Tezcatlipocas. Each Tezcatlipoca corresponds to a number and to a different place in the human body: Quetzalcóatl the head, Blue Tezcatlipoca right arm, Huitzilopochtli left arm, Xipetotec in the heart, Tlaloc in legs legs; together they rule five glyphs of the Aztec calendar, thus influencing our human design. Fees £180 for the two days. Contact email

Exploring and Celebrating La Muerte Mictlantecuhtli and Mictlecacihuatl Festival, Mexico with Sergio Magana. The Four Points Hotel and Casa the La Suenios - Teotihuacan MEXICO CITY, 31 October - 7 November 2017. Understanding and celbrating La Muerte, removing the fear of death, learning how to die consciously will change your life by processing the bigest existential fear of death. The Nahual tradition regards death as a companion of life, as both life and death are embodied by the Goddess of Life and Death Coatlicue, whose head is formed by two serpents symbolising the meeting of life and death. Life and Death complement each other and are only separated by the illusion of time and perception. Contact email

Eco Shamanism Training/Course - Becoming one with our Earth with Mandy Pullen. starting 17 - 20 November 2017 - Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. A series of eight long weekends from November 2017 to July 2019 studying the contemporary areas of shamanism with an emphasis on eco reciprocity. You will be embarking on your own personal eco shamanic journey within a community of like minded beings (or the more than human world) whilst also learning all the major shamanic healing techniques. Certificates (extra cost) available upon successful completion of the course. Early bird rate is £1600 with £160 deposit by 30 June 17. All tuition and food included. Inexpensive accommodation and indoor/outdoor camping available on site. Places limited to 10. Contact details - Mandy Pullen Tel: 01594 541850 or email:

Introduction to Shamanism with Paul Francis. CHESTER, UK, November 11th. The day is experiential and covers the basics of shamanic practice. No prior experience is necessary. The day includes: the history of shamanism; the key concepts of the shamanic universe; how to enter a shamanic ‘journey’; a power animal retrieval journey; the basics of how to do a shamanic healing for other people. To book email, phone 01492 873 739


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