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Animal Care and Wildlife

Ethical PractitionerOrchard Farm

East & West Sussex, Surrey and Kent

Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Website: Orchard Farm Equitherapy

Beast Watch UK

A great site for everyone interested in exotic animals at wild in the UK

Website: Beast Watch UK

Paw-fect Dog School

Surrey Dog and Puppy Training

Website: Paw-fect Dog School

Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre

Website: Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre

Wolf Watch UK

Website: Wolf Watch UK

Art, Pottery, Sculpture

Ethical PractitionerCat Hawkins, Shamanic Artist

Art, design, and divine creations by Shamanic Artist, Cat Hawkins. Original paintings, mandalas, prints, cards and crafts. Workshops held in Hampshire, UK.


Ama Menec, Sculptor

Pottery & sculpture courses in Totnes, Devon, UK.

Website: Ama Menec


The art of artist and shaman, Eleanor Boyce

Website: Nakthag

Pauline Marshall

Artist (online shop The Faerie Grotto) and courses in Yate, Bristol

Website: Pauline Marshall


Ethical PractitionerNatural Shaman

Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine. Cat Hawkins

Website:Natural Shaman

Commercial Writers

Ethical PractitionerJudith Stafford

Freelance commercial writer

Website: Judith Stafford

Discussion Boards, Forums and Communities

Caer Britto Grove (L.A.W)

A Druid/Druidcraft Grove based in Bristol, UK. Membership is free and open to all with good intent.We are part of the Loyal Arthurian Warband (who are the political arm of Druidry) and sometimes take part in peaceful and lawful protests against social injustices.

Website: Caer Britto Grove

Gaia's Garden

Website: Gaia's Garden

Pagan and Christian Moot

Website: Pagan and Christian Moot

The Pagan Federation

Website: The Pagan Federation

Pagan Network

an online community where Pagans all around the world can share information about Paganism and its different branches.

Website: Pagan Network

Fool's Paradox

the restored version of Kev the Cosmic Fool's site.

Website: Fool's Paradox

Crafts, Gifts and Online Shopping

Ethical PractitionerAlys Magick Crafts

Website: Alys Magick Crafts

Ethical PractitionerShakti Mandala

Hand Painted Shamanic Art, Jewellery and Creations by Cat Hawkins.

Website:Shakti Mandala

Ethical PractitionerCrystal Space

a Holistic healing centre and crystal shop in Silsden, West Yorkshire. Regular workshops and individual therapies available. Shop open Thursday and Fridays and workshop/healing space available for hire at other times.

Website: Crystal Space

Ethical PractitionerVanilla Moon

Bespoke hand-crafted Pagan and Holistic Designs. Readings & Psychic Art

Website: Vanilla Moon

Akasha Spirit Crystals

Handcrafted crystal jewellery and healing tools.

Website: Akasha Spirit Crystals

Animal Essenses

Shamanic essences with the archetypal energy of specific animals.

Website: Animal Essenses

Earth Pathways Diary

Beautiful artwork and writing, moon phases and signs, sunrise and sunset times, moonrise and moonset times, astrological information, page-a-week views, month-at-a-view planners, a year planner and notes pages. A beautiful way to inspire your connection to the land.

Website: Earth Pathways Diary

Faerie Grotto

Original paintings of faeries & more

Website: Faerie Grotto

The Scented Cauldron

unique hand made bath milks, shower scrubs, soaps, bath bombs and incense

Website: The Scented Cauldron

Shamanic Druidry

Drums, Rattles and Spirit Bags made to order. Drum circles and workshops in Kent. Phone : 07979371039

Website: Shamanic Druidry

Shaman Drums

Handcrafted drums, rattles and other Shamanic tools.

Website: Shaman Drums


Bernie Scott

Spiritual Medium based in Bristol, England

Website: Bernie Scott

Readings - Tarot, Spirit Guide, Dowsing etc.

Ethical PractitionerNelly Moon

Distance reading and spirit guide portrait via email or post

Website: Vanilla Moon

Ethical PractitionerYvonne Ryves

County Cork, Ireland and some services available by distance work. Pendulum dowsing, distance auragraph readings, distance spirit guide readings.

Website: Yvonne Ryves

Tarot Woman

Tarot Woman is a Romany Gypsy located in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, UK. Consultations available in person and also via telephone or Skype. Phone: 07830-834-899

Website: Tarot Woman

Tilly Tarot

Tarot Readings

Website: Tilly Tarot

Rites of Passage and Bereavement

Ethical PractitionerPagan Transitions

Created with the aim to provide Pagans with the resources to create meaningful rites of passage and offering support to the bereaved.

Website: Pagan Transitions

Women's Spirituality

Ethical PractitionerPace for Living

Pace for Living helps you manage your life in a more effective and relaxed ways. Coaching, Stress Management, Reiki, Hypnotherapy, EFT. Courses in Assertiveness. Menopause. Plus a very informative blog

Website: Pace For Living

The Women's Quest

a new paradigm in women's development based on the inner knowledge of the menstrual cycle and the developmental journey from menarche to menopause and beyond.

Website: The Women's Quest

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