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Indie Shaman is closed until Monday 3rd July due to holidays. You are still able to place orders during our break but we will not be able to process any new sales until our return. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.

Indie Shaman magazine is a 48 page full colour glossy magazine containing full feature articles designed for those interested in shamanism and people interested in living ethically according to shamanic principles. Online subscription also available in PDF and Flipbook format.

Aimed to be accessible, Indie Shaman magazine is printed in a book rather than magazine (column) layout, which also limits the amount of scrolling necessary when reading the pdf version. Printed editions of the magazine are produced in the UK on FSC registered paper.

Subscribe Now . Includes free membership, with the added benefit of belonging to a great community of people. Membership benefits including a booklet giving free access to all PDF back issues and helping support wildlife charities through our 'Good Causes' fund. Magazine Subscriptions from only £10 per year for a pdf subscription or from £20.84 (postage included) for a print subscription.

In Issue 32:

  • Phyllis Clay interviews don Oscar Miro-Quesada about the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism.
  • ‘Life Should Be Beautiful for Everyone’, Jean Millay shares the words of Rolling Thunder.
  • Alberto Villoldo shares his experiences of ‘Heavenly Rain with Rolling Thunder’(an extract from the book of the same name, courtesy of editors Sidian Morning Star Jones & Stanley Krippner).
  • Indie Shaman chats to Alex Seymour about his life as a ‘Psychedelic Marine’.
  • ‘Merlin, Demons and Ergyng’ by Elen Sentier.
  • ‘The Red Lady of Paviland’ by Nina Milton.
  • ‘The Discovery of Ceres’ by Alison Dhuanna.
  • An illustrated guide on how to make your own shamanic rattle by Yvonne Ryves.
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Fenugreek.
  • Storyteller, Martin Pallot, relates the first half of his new tale ‘Ghost Dancer'.
  • Plus: book reviews, events calendar and our regular cartoon strip Shay Mann.


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²The need to confirm the country you made the purchase in and delivery methods of digital media is dictated by EU VAT legislation.

Indie Shaman donates 50p from all subscriptions to support wildlife rescues. For more information please visit our Charity Fund page in the 'Home' menu.

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  • Free pdf back issues of the Indie Shaman magazine
  • Free advertising of any events you are running on our website Events Page with the possibility of further free advertising in the Indie Shaman magazine Events page (subject to available space).
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Publication Dates:

Published quarterly seasonly as follows:

  • Spring - end April
  • Summer - end July
  • Autumn - end October
  • Winter - end January

Each year of subscription equals 4 issues.

Article Submissions

Indie Shaman welcomes submissions on the subject of Shamanism, Spirituality, Spiritual Practices, Ethical Living and related issues. Our magazine is based on a general rather than academic readership.

Information on Submissions

  • Original submissions by the author/artist only please.
  • We have no set minimum or maximum length for submissions.
  • Submissions do not have to be technically perfect. We are happy to help you in producing a finished article.
  • We prefer to have articles sent via email. Please send as a Microsoft word document. You may also send work by post.
  • Please send art work and photos as a jpeg. Jpegs must be of sufficient quality to be reproducible in the magazine with a minimum 300 dpi. If you have any questions about how to send or size a jpeg please contact us via email and we will try to help.
  • Please do not send us original work by post as we cannot promise to return it.
  • We may edit your article and will aim to approve this with you first before publishing.
  • We are sorry but we are unable to pay for submissions. We will however send you a free copy of the edition of the magazine your article features in.
  • Reviewers can retain anonymity but your name must be given to Indie Shaman when submitting the review. Reviews can be on events, places of interest, books, films etc. You may submit reviews on your own events, books etc but please be honest in stating that this is the case. Sorry, we do not accept self reviews from unpublished authors.
  • We reserve the right to decline submissions for publication. The editor's decision is final on both accepting submissions and which edition any accepted submission appears in.

Please Contact the Editor for information on submissions.

Magazine Contributors

With many thanks to all those who have contributed to Indie Shaman Magazine (in alphabetical order by first name)

  1. Ailim, Alice Brooksbank, Alberto Villoldo Alex Seymour Alison Dhuanna Alys Raven, Alysa Braceau, Amber Agha, Ann Fallas, Anthony Farrell, King Arthur Pendragon, Arvick Baghramian

  2. Barbara Meiklejohn-Free, Blue Crow, Bradford Keeney, Brenda El-Leithy, Brooke Medicine Eagle

  3. Carl Greer, Caro Smart, Carole Guyett, Carolyn Hillyer, Cassandra Latham-Jones, Cat Hawkins, Cathy Leigh-Tsoukalas, Cephalodidge, Chris Roe, Ceri Norman, Charles Osburn, Charlotte Shirvington, Charly Flower, Christa MacKinnon, Chris Philpott

  4. Dan Goodfellow, Daniel Moler, Danu Forest, David Rowan, David Hill, David Sparenberg, Davina MacKail, Davyd Farrell, Dean Fraser

  5. Elaine Mariani, Ella May, Elen Sentier, Elizabeth Jenkins, Emma Farrell, Emmanuel Itier, Eoghan Odinsson, Erica McGilp, Esther Remmington, Evelyn C. Rysdyk,

  6. **

  7. Gareth Davies, Gary Plunkett, Gillian Naysmith, Gillie Whitewolf, Gonzalo Bénard, Graham Nicholls

  8. Hearth Moon Rising, Hillary Keeney

  9. Iritah Shenmira Naba, Itzhak Beery

  10. Jan Gale, Jean Millay Jessica Rzeszewski, Jez Hughes, Jim Pathfinder Ewing, Joanna Flowering Whirlwind, John Dunne, John Irwin, John Lockley, John Ptacek, John Tarrow, Judith Stafford, Julie Dollman, Julie Hoyle

  11. Karen Tate, Kathryn Bird, Kay Gillard, S Kelley Harrell, Kenn Day, Kevin Turner

  12. Laura Sakara Marshall, Lily Oak, Lorenzo Guescini, Luke Eastwood, Lynn Gosney

  13. Maggie Wahls, Mandy Pullen, Maria Fotiou, Mark Flaherty, Mark Olly, Martin Pallot, Martyn Kington, Michelle Fontaine, Mike Stygal, Mike Chappell, Mike Williams, Mimi Buttacavoli

  14. Nelly Moon, Niamh Ni Bhroin, Nichole Schwab, Nikki Williams Nina Milton

  15. don Oscar Miro Quesada OMNIA

  16. Pam Montgomery, Patrick Jasper Lee, Patrick Macmanaway, Patricia M Burgin, Paul Baskerville, Paul Francis, Pauline Marshall, Phil Cowley Jones. Philip Carr-Gomm. Phyllis Clay.

  17. **

  18. Raymond Hill, Robert Owings, Rochelle Kent-Ellis, Ross Heaven, Runic John, Rupert Isaacson

  19. Sandra Corcoran, Sandra Ingerman, Samantha Sear, Scott Anderson, Sergio Magaña, Sidian Morning Star Jones, Stacey Couch, Stanley Krippner Ph.D., Stephanie Bown, Steven Altman

  20. Steve Hubback, Susan Marie Paramor,
  21. Tilly Tarot

  22. Under A Banner

  23. Virlana Tkacz, Vicki Lickorish

  24. Wendy Halley

  25. **

  26. Yann Guignon, Yvonne Ryves.

Not forgetting Minuteman Press Bristol! We couldn't have done it without you! With many congratulations on your Silver Fair Trade Business Award!


Distributed world-wide, Indie Shaman is the UK's only magazine on shamanism available directly in print from an independent publisher.

Indie Shaman is a quarterly glossy high quality magazine printed on FSC paper with 48 pages packed full of informative illustrated articles, also distributed in pdf format.

Based on our ethos of accessibility of sharing information our magazine advertising rates are very reasonable. However we only have very limited advertising space as we like to pack Indie Shaman magazine with interesting articles!

Magazine advertisments featuring events may also receive a complimentary featured website events page advert (dependent on website page space being available).

Please contact us for further information.

Advertising Rates

Advertising rates as follows:

Magazine Edition Single Issue Four Issues Size
Standard Box £35 £126 85 mm x 64 mm
Quarter Page £60 £216 85 mm x 124 mm
Half Page £100 £180 185 mm x 124 mm
Full Page £360 £648 203 mm x 283 mm

Free advertising and information sharing opportunities:

Indie Shaman website Events Page:

Advertising (text only) on our website events page is free. Selected relevant events are also published on the Events page of Indie Shaman magazine. Relevant events only. Subscribers and partners events take precedence for magazine space.

Please contact us for further information.

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If you are a Shaman, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher or Mentor and would like to be listed on our Practitioner’s Page please contact us. Listing is free but may be subject to references and other verification. Indie Shaman reserves the right to refuse listings not compatible with our ethos. Referrals for practitioners are welcome subject to consent.


Indie Shaman magazine is distributed both in the UK and internationally via our website. You may also be able to purchase the magazine at your local independent holistic shop (if not and you would like to, do ask them to contact us!)

If you are an independent ethical UK shop and would be interested in stocking Indie Shaman Magazine please Contact the Editor.