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Are you looking for a “shamanic practitioner near me” or one that does distant work or works online? If you are looking for a shaman or shamanic practitioner please take a look through our listings below. Contact details and website links are given so you can contact the practitioner directly.

If you are a shaman or shamanic practitioner consideration for inclusion on our list is one of the benefits included with an Indie Shaman subscription. Please note that listing is not guaranteed and may be subject to references and other verification. Professional colleagues and partners of Indie Shaman may also be considered for inclusion on our list. All practitioners included on our list must confirm they agree with our Aims and Ethics for Practitioners. If you would like to be considered for inclusion in our list please contact us.

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Blue Wolf Bonpo

I have practiced shamanism since a very young age. I lived in the Himalayas for 3 years where I studied in a Buddhist monastery and with the shamans of Tibetan Bon tradition at the higher lands, having taken vows as a Bonpo (Tibetan Bon Shaman). Later I went through a shamanic ritual of rebirth that gave me the extraordinary experience of brain death for 3 days, being just a body of consciousness. I am a shamanic healer, counsellor and therapist, doing soul retrieval and energy balancing; connecting consciousness through the natural elements. I also practice and guide transcendental meditation. I’m the author of the book “On Consciousness – Journeys, Rituals and Meditations”. I was given the name Karma Ludro Zangpo by the Tibetan Shamans and master but more often people know me as Blue Wolf Bonpo. I am fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

No session is similar as we never know what the souls will bring. When you book a Skype session, I’ll open the energetic channels and will be connected to a more cosmic consciousness that will lead and guide us through the whole session, connecting you with the whole elements of nature and spirits’ world. Please note preparing people for their physical death and helping the transition can only be requested by the patient themselves. Email contact:

Website – Blue Wolf Bonpo

Cat Anderson

I am a 3Ravens Therapeutic Shamanic practitioner and co-founder of The Three Ravens College of Therapeutic Shamanism and Animism.

I offer 1-1 therapeutic work with a person-centred approach. I also offer IEMT and supportive healing remedies.

Sessions currently via Zoom.

Website – The Art of Un-breaking

Email –

Chris Holt

Christine is a yoga teacher and shamanic practitioner who has studied shamanism with various schools and first nation peoples across the world. She regularly delivers workshops across the North West and is the founder of Somatic Shamanism, a client led therapeutic model which combines shamanic practices in combination with somatic healing techniques.

For more information on training in Somatic Shamanism see ‘Practitioner Training‘.

Website – Therapeutic Shamanic Healing



Kindling Spirit

I work with energy healing, past life, ceremony work, ancestral patterns, blockages, trauma healing, extractions, shamanic counselling, soul retrieval, journeying, power animal retrieval, space clearing and psychopomp. Also introductory workshops.

WebsiteKindling Spirit


The Wild Edges

I am an experienced and qualified shamanic healer, reiki practitioner and coach. I offer my services online or in person at my home in Cambridgeshire. Depending on what is needed, this might include soul retrieval, power retrieval, shamanic extraction, past life and ancestral healing, native plant spirit medicine, land and space clearing and psychopomp.

My shamanic practice reflects my British, Celtic, Germanic and Scandinavian heritage and as well as one to one healing, I also work with groups, hosting regular shamanic gatherings and plant spirit healing workshops throughout the year.

Website – The Wild Edges


Alan Jones (Emrys)

I work within a Celtic framework, Arch Druid within the Reformed Druids of Gaia, Master Celtic Reiki and Usui Reiki. Author of ‘Nywfre – a book on Spiritual Development and Healing from a Druidic Perspective’. Other books: ‘The Concrete Shaman’; ‘The Secret to Your Future History’; ‘Transformational Journeys’. Elder, Cornwall School of Mystery and Magick. PhD Psychology; Registered Trainer and Supervisor for ACCHP; Registered Member International Metaphysical Practitioners Association; Life Time Member International Hypnosis Association.

Website – Emrys y Dewin

Email –

Rob Maye, Great Bear Shamanism
Bude, Cornwall

Shamanic Healing – Counselling – Teaching. Working closely with my Spirit Helpers and Guides my work can include as I’m guided, Soul Retrieval, Extraction Work, Ancestral Work, working with Drums and Rattles, Dream Working. I also offer Shamanic Counselling & Teaching 1:1 or small groups.

Email –


Jayne Birkett
Ambleside, Cumbria

Trained with Paul Francis at The Three Ravens college. I offer one to one work, distance work and introduction to Shamanism workshops.

Website – Shamanic-Therapy

Rob Wilson
Broughton in Furness, Cumbria

Shamanic healing, Plant Spirit Medicine, Rituals and Ceremonies for life’s events.

Website – Woodspirit


DK Green

Private Practice fully qualified and insured Psychotherapist and Shamanic Practitioner. Workshops, residential retreats and teaching (including at several UK Universities) as well as prolific one on one client work. Celebrant for life’s rites of passage. Heals the healers and holds those who hold. Diversity of gender, sexuality and relationship styles a speciality.

Websites DK Green, Elemental Shamanism and Oak Spirit Gatherings

Pat Dunnicliffe

Trained with Jonathn Horwiz. Member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners

WebsiteDunnwood Drums


Louise Cheval, South Devon Shamanism
South Devon

Shamanic Practitioner & Shamanic Counsellor working in South Devon.

WebsiteSouth Devon Shamanism

Suzi Crockford
Dartmoor, Devon

I have 25 years experience as a shamanic healer and teacher. I offer healing either in person or distant; the work is likely to include soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extraction, ancestral healing and possibly psychopomp – I do as I am instructed by The Spirits so there is no ‘usual’ session. I am happy to work with groups of people or individuals for their wholeness and health. I also offer shamanic counselling and shamanic mentoring with groups or individuals, and I make drums, rattles and other magical tools.

Website – Suzi Crockford

Phone – 01647 277164

Debs Thorpe
Devon & Online

Therapeutic Coach, Therapist, Trainer & Shamanic Practitioner providing transformational experiences in person (Devon, U.K.) and online (Worldwide). Do you feel a call to the deep? Do you feel held back by past trauma and experiences? Do you long to break free and live as your true, authentic self?

By combining my 18 years experience using counselling, NLP, body work and shamanic techniques, I guide you in physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual transformation.

WebsiteDebs Thorpe

Email –


Crystal Atlantis
Southend on Sea

Full Mesa carrier, shamanic Paqo path of healing for 13 years including other types of complimentary therapies. Committed to making a difference and bringing positive changes to others lives, through empowerment, love and compassion to bring deep healing and transformation.

Honoured to be initiated as a Pipe Carrier & Sweat Lodge Holder. Qualified Shamanic Practitioner – Specializing in Illumination healing, despacho ceremonies, cord cutting, ancestral healing, power and soul retrievals, contract breaking, past life healing, fire ceremonies, shamanic ceremonial work. Sound therapy, Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner, Egg Limpia Cleanse.

Initiated into the path of Ha-peh/rapè, holding sacred ceremonies of Sananga, Bobinsana & Ha-Peh Teaching – Wisdom Keeper Medicine Wheel, Munay-Ki Rites Initiations, workshops & sound/meditation/journeying events, shamanic craft days, drum circle, development classes.

Facebook Page Dimensions to Healing

Email – Phone – 07886106076

Miguel da Silva

Miguel is a shaman/curandeiro, teacher and Munay-Ki mentor. He is a Mesa carrier and has received all the Rites of the Munay-Ki.The way he works originates in South America, but he has adapted it so it resonates more with the local energies and culture of this land. His work is all about giving you the ability to release the wounds, traumas, programming, and imprints from your past, open you up to real empowerment, and teaching you how you can heal yourself. He offers Shamanic Healing and Self-Healing. He teaches Munay-Ki, Shamanism, the Medicine Wheel and Self-Healing.

Miguel is Portuguese and speaks fluent English, Dutch and Portuguese. He follows a strong personal code of conduct based on integrity, respect, honour, love and trust.

You can contact him for more detailed information about his work or to book an appointment on:

Website The Healing Pathways  Facebook – The Healing Pathways

Email – Mobile 07749325531


Mandy Pullen
Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

Eco shamanic practitioner offering teachings and trainings in Eco Shamanism both one to one and in events. Mandy’s focus is on new ways of being and seeing, making our spirit connection with our environment more tangible … and building consciousness levels with the wider and wilder universe. Supervision and mentoring for those already trained and working shamanically. Trained with the Sacred Trust as a practitioner and with in the Path of Pollen.

WebsiteEco Shamanism

Email – Phone – 01594 541850. Mobile – 07805 800313


New Forest, Hampshire. Skype, Zoom.

Shamanic Healer and Doula. Offering 1-1 sessions in person or via zoom or skype.  Avi Esther is a trained and very experienced trauma informed transformational guide, psychic and metaphysical healer. With certifications in Hypnosis, NLP, Creative Healing Technique, Tantra, Birth Doula, Shamanic Rebirther, Peaceful + Orgasmic Birth Preparation, Ancestral Healing, Earth Wisdoms and Psychic Development. 

Website Avi-Esther

Phone – 07817524874


Tanya Adams

Shamanic Reiki Healer – Initiated into the Black Hat Lineage of Toaist origin and philosophy. Core shamanic therapies for healing (power retrieval, soul retrieval, regression, ancestral healing, geomancy, space clearing). Tree medicine, Bach flower remedy, Reiki and crystals. Work with the Chinese 5 elements for balance and well-being. My roots are British and Northern European, for many years studied and honoured the Celtic 8 Seasonal Celebrations and 4 Elements for ceremony and connective healing. Work with individuals, groups, workshops or places.

WebsiteBlue Rose Holistic Counselling

Email – Phone 020 8133 4872.

Isle of Wight

Marushka Tziroulnikoff
Isle of Wight and distance work

Medium-Healer and Siberian Shaman. While my Evenks ancestors were living in Siberia, I was born in French-speaking Belgium. Instinctive and intuitive, I have always seen the invisible and it took me years to accept my ability to effortlessly travel to other dimensions, as well as my deep desire to bring help and care to those in need. Altered states of consciousness are a part of my daily life and in order to better understand human nature, I studied psychology, psychoanalysis and psychopathology as well as the behavioural psychology of animals including horses. Curious by nature, I have enriched myself with various exoteric and esoteric techniques and practices including: Reiki, Tarot, Pranayama, fasting, hygienism, magnetism, massage, Lithotherapy and evocative and invocative magic. I am also a certified Master practitioner in N.L.P.

I practised in France as a holistic therapist for more than 20 years. In private consultation, I accompanied children with autism spectrum disorder, young adults with personality disorders and pathologies such as schizophrenia, bipolarity and depression, adults in search of meaning and couples wishing to emerge from crisis situations. At the same time, I was a caregiver at home for dependent elderly people with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and senile dementia. In the continuity of care, I naturally turned to the accompaniment of adults at the end of life.

In January 2014, I stopped my activities in France to devote my time and energy to the healing of my autistic Asperger and astrophysicist companion. My companion finally survived, we moved to Oxford in January 2017 and then to the Isle of Wight a couple of years later.

Please take a look at my website for more information. You can also contact me by email.

Website Wynn Sigel

Email –

Steve Woodford
Isle of Wight

Shamanic Sound practitioner. Using combinations of the ancient instruments of hoop drums, gongs, singing bowls and other worldly instruments, I provide a safe space for people to go on their own, personal healing journey with the vibrations aiding them to slide deep inside themselves. Within these journeys, they can gain insight and healing relevant to that point in time of their lives.

I also hold regular Hoop Drum Birthing events throughout the year, where people can come along and birth their own, personal and powerful hoop drums.

For further information please contact me direct via phone, text or email.

Website Serenity Sounds

Email – Mobile – 07867900475


Skie Hummingbird Psy.D

Welcome to the beauty of this path. Founder of SunGate Ltd, I have been evolving and teaching the SunGate Peruvian Archetype shamanic Gateway training for over 18 years, I offer deep knowledge, wisdom and specialist shamanic healing and training tailored specific to you as an individual. I create space and make time for you to develop, heal and grow.

Training for years under Don Javier Arevalo Shahuano in the Amazon Rainforest Peru enabled expansive knowledge of plant medicine teachings and Healing techniques from the Amazon. During this time I became fully initiated into full Master curendera, Ayahuasquera and Maestra shaman by Don Javier & the tribes of the Amazon. As a full power Mesa Carrier and guided by Don Sebastian and Don Hanan on the Pompamesayoq path, both who are true Serena Paqos descendants from the Inca, I also received Initiations from the amazing Master Paqo Don Mariano Quispe Flores. These include the Great Hatun Karpay, the Q’otoKuna Pleiades Karpay and initiations from the Milka Wayu energy belts and have full permission to pass these to others.

We hold regular shamanic training at SunGate Ltd, 1 to 1 shamanic Healing and Q’ero Karpay rite workshops and organise shamanic retreats to the Amazon Peru.

Website Sungate

Email –

Lynn Gosney
Meopham, Kent

Shamanic Practitioner, Musician, Drum maker, Sweat Lodge.  Caer Corhrain Shamanic Developement Centre Isle Of Sheppey Kent E12 3SW.

Website Caer Corhrain

Phone – 01795 874542

Louise Hart
Wye, Kent

Shamanic Practitioner, offering core Shamanic healing for all life stages, from before birth to beyond the grave. Based in Wye, on an ancient pilgrimage route nestled beneath the North Downs. Land healing and space clearing also offered. Distance work available.

Website South Kent Shaman

Sorrell Robbins
Margate, Kent

Plant Spirit Medicine Woman. Qualified Medical Herbalist, Hypnotherapist, Sound healer specialising in Gong and Shamanic Drum, Reiki & Seichem healer & Teacher. I am also a Shamanic practitioner and Cacaoista.

WebsitePlant Spirit Medicine Woman


Julie Bithell
Nelson, Lancashire

Nelson, Lancashire. Accredited Counsellor and Supervisor. Counselling tutor and Shamanic Practitioner

Website Julie Bithell

Jackie Ingham
Clitheroe, Lancashire

Shamanic Healing. With 25 years’ experience as a massage and holistic therapist, I have been interested in Shamanism for many years. I also have: Reiki (to Master Teacher Level); Certificate in Introduction to Counselling 1998; NLP Master Practitioner in 2005; Life Coach in 2006. In 2014  I undertook a one-to-one, two year Shamanic Apprenticeship with Jayne Johnson (Shamanism Embodied) and have used these skills for myself in my life and also in my work as a therapist. I have also been working and receiving training since 2015 in Glastonbury with Kestrel & Jay Oakwood (TCOTS – The Call of The Shaman). I am very interested in epigenetics, how emotions, issues and physical symptoms can be passed down to us from our ancestors.

I also run a Course of Shamanic Healings for people wanting to get back in touch with their Natural Self. Would you like to learn more about yourself? Are you ready to clear and heal issues and any ‘old stuff’ that is hindering your personal and spiritual growth? Are you ready to undertake a deep journey with yourself, with me as your guide? I am offering an opportunity to work with myself and shamanic healing for between 6-12 months at intervals that suit you and your growth. We will use different Shamanic Healing techniques to help you on your journey each time we meet – either monthly or bi-monthly. Some of these sessions will be outside in nature – weather permitting. We will work on removing unhelpful energy blocks, correct chakra imbalances, cleanse the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies (auras). We will retrieve the missing and lost parts of yourself leaving you feeling more peaceful, more balanced, centred and complete.

All my contact details can be found at

WebsiteIn Good Hands


Cheryl Colpman
Coalville, Leicestershire

Shamanic and Holistic Healing. Inner child healing, intrusion removal, past life work, soul retrieval, shamanic acupressure, reiki, crystal healing, reiki attunements, teaching and refreshers. A holistic practitioner since 1999 I was called to shamanism around 5 years ago. Now a graduate of the Shamanka School in Dorset I’m honoured to be a Misha Carrier. A new branch of this school, Shamanka Midlands is being set up which I am thrilled to be part of. Introductory classes begin 2018 introducing women to many aspects of Shamanka work and main training for personal development and optional practitioner certificate will begin in 2019.

Website Cheryl Colpman


Taz Thornton
South Lincolnshire

Hands-on healings performed in the client’s venue of choice, usually their home or personal healing space. Distance healing available.

Website Firechild Shamanism

Telephone – 07920 461040


Steve Altman

Steve Altman is a shamanic practitioner with a deep connection to both the traditions of the Incas and the Toltecs. He is also a Mayan day keeper and incorporates his knowledge of the Mayan calendar into his healing work.

He is based in London, offering one to one shamanic healing and shamanic psychotherapy, in addition to one to one and group drum workshops. He also sells hand made shamanic drums.

WebsiteSteve Altman

Delicia Burnell
West London

Shamanic healer and clairvoyant medium with 2 treatment places in West London. Trained in Peruvian shamanism and at the spiritualist association of Great Britian. Distance work and sessions on skype and phone.

Website Delicia Burnell

Phone – 07854405956

Maria Fotiou (Maia), The Feminine Way: Soulful Living in Modern Times

I offer a range of individual therapies as well as group workshops, shamanic drum journeying circles and other events. My main areas of support include rebirthing & inner child, sacred pregnancy and postpartum, ancestral healing, karmic healing as well as removing chords and attachments in this life, so that you may fully step into the authentic power of your full pr-essence.

My services include Shamanic Healing, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage, Rebozo (postnatal) massage and Usui Reiki.

Website The Feminine Way Online

Samantha Gladden
North and North West London

Shamanic Healer, Anxiety Specialist, Homeopath and Reiki Master. My work involves healing to help balance you on all levels of your being, release any Energy and/ or Spiritual blocks, heal your Ancestors (including any unhealthy patterns that could be affecting you) to allow you the opportunity for deep transformation. I have been trained in Core Shamanism. My healing sessions are guided by my Spirit allies and can include Soul Retrieval, Power Retrieval, Shamanic Counselling and Ancestral Healing. I also offer Blessing ceremonies for life events so they are as successful as they can be, under the guidance of my Spirit allies. Private sessions are available in North and North West London.

Website Samantha Gladden

Email – Phone – 07908 035 972.

Ken Hyder
South London

Siberian Shamanic Healing by shaman initiated in Tuva, Siberia. Siberian shamanism manipulates energy, clearing blockages, removing the negative – replacing it with healing energy. Great importance is given to after-care. Prefers face to face consultation, but can perform distance healing.

Website Kenn Hyder


Paul Connery

A Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master offering one to one sessions both in-person and online. I provide a safe space for you to explore your personal issues, using a variety of tools and approaches, including the shamanic journey, to guide you on a deeply personal experience tailored to your unique needs.

Website – Reconnect Shamanism

Email –


June Staff
Overstrand, Norfolk

Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master/Teacher & Holistic Therapist. Shamanic Healing and Journey Work, Intuitive Readings and Holistic Healing available in person, distantly or via Skype. Other therapies available in person including one-to-one training and Reiki attunements. I have trained in Shamanism, Reiki and various holistic therapies and energy healing modalities during a 20 year personal journey that has brought me many insights and much experience in healing and easing the body, spirit and soul. Please contact me for more information or visit my Facebook page.

Facebook page Facebook page.

Email – Phone –  01263 579722 or text 07540 276861


Jeannie Rogers
Nr Banbury, Oxfordshire

Peruvian trained shaman, practicing for twenty years. Lived and worked in the Andres and jungle for many years. I work at festivals in the summer as a shaman and teach all over the country and hold 1-1 shamanic healing sessions. I specialize in soul retrieval and psychopomp. Can travel to people if needed.

Facebook Group Jeannie Rogers Shamanic healing and teaching

Phone – 07847 325098

Mia Sarosi, Therapeutic Shamanism with IFS Therapy and Coaching
Abingdon, Oxfordshire

Experienced BACP registered psychotherapist, transformational coach and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist, integrating with core shamanic practices:

I aim to help you better understand your challenges and assist your healing process.

Therapeutic Shamanism is a psychospiritual/transpersonal approach to therapy and coaching that weaves shamanic methodologies together with the powerful, evidence based model of psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS). Many people find these techniques facilitate a deepening and expanding of healing, greater connection to their authentic Self and the world around them.

Offerings include short or longer term 1-1 therapy sessions, group coaching workshops and short courses.

Website: The Therapeutic Coach


Elen Sentier
Shropshire and throughout the UK

Elen Sentier is an awenydd, spirit keeper and cyfarwydd (storyteller) from a long family lineage in the British native tradition. Students can arrange 1-day visits, as a group or 1-1, to work with me at my home and local sacred sites. Elen also offers a 1 year Apprenticeship in British Native Shamanism which begins on 31st October each year and work is done on-line over 8 lessons. The Apprenticeship finishes with a 5-day fully-residential experiential workshop. The Apprenticeship can lead to the 3-year advanced course, Rainbow Warriors.

Website –  Elen Sentier


Louise Beer, Harmony Rain Holistic Therapies

I have practised shamanism for approximately 2 years, I offer shamanic healing along with other Holistic Therapies which include crystal healing, chakra and aura healing, indian head massage, moonology and numerology. I offer distance healing as well as 1-1 sessions.

Email –

Danu Forest

Danu Forest is a traditional Wisewoman and Celtic shaman working in the Celtic traditions for over 30 years. She lives in the wild marshes surrounding the legendary Glastonbury Tor and is the author of several books including ‘Gwyn ap Nudd’ (Moon Books) ‘Celtic Tree Magic’ (Llewellyn) ‘The Magical Year’ (Watkins) and ‘The Druid Shaman’ ( Moon Books). Courses, ceremonies and consultations including distance sessions via zoom, skype and email.

WebsiteDanu Forest

Email –

Dan Goodfellow

Dan Goodfellow is a Druid and Celtic Shaman, born and bred in the shadow of Glastonbury Tor. Working with the ancestral spirits of the land, and his experience from working with Danu Forest, Dan now leads ‘Earth Man; Men’s Shamanic Mysteries workshops’ , Sacred Sound Ceremonies in St Michaels tower on the top of Glastonbury Tor and gives shamanic readings and healings in Glastonbury and over distance by email and Zoom .

Combining his own shamanic healing practices with those learnt from Georgien Wybengas ‘Healing Massage’ he also provides shamanic sound healing massage, a fully integrated mind/body/spirit healing technique.

Facebook‘Dan Goodfellow Shamanic Healing and massage’

Email at

Sarah L Kent
Devon/Somerset Border, the UK and Global

An experienced shamanic practitioner, I specialise in supporting men and women who are at points of transition in their lives as well as those who desire deep soul-healing. I offer shamanic healing and divinatory work in person, as well as working remotely where we can connect by email, phone or Skype. Additionally I offer workshops centred on shamanic work, personal healing retreats, and the unique Path of Wild Beauty training.For a free consultation please get in touch.

On FacebookRemembering Our Selves

Email – Phone or text: (UK) 07837557042

Laurie McNeil, Forest Path Shamanic Works
West Somerset and remote

I an a shamanic healer, trained first in core shamanism, with later input from teachers of other traditional healing methods. I offer shamanic healing, divination or house and land clearing sessions in person or at a distance which may include any or all of: energetic intrusion removal, energy retrieval, soul retrieval, curse unravelling or removal of attachments. Whatever shows up as needing balancing in the session is what we will address. First we clean and tidy the spiritual “house” (your body and energy system); then we can welcome home whatever is missing, the presence of which would provide balance, joy and singing vitality.

Additionally I teach shamanic journeying, providing clients with the foundational expertise needed to enter non-ordinary reality, the domain of our spirit kin who do the actual healing and can provide both information and the wisdom we need to find and walk our own souls’ true path.

All healing, divination or land clearing sessions are charged on a sliding scale so that you can choose what you can pay: £40, £50 or £60 depending on your life situation. This is where you make your agreement with spirit to receive the healing they provide and to leave an offering for spirit (your payment) as an indicator that you are serious about this. If we lived in an indigenous village you might come to the shaman with chickens or a basket of rice or dried fish or whatever the form is that energy takes in that society. In our society energy takes the form of money because that is what we have collectively agreed. Payment is made in advance.

Website –  Forest Path Shaman

Contact me by text at: +44 7749 996126

Contact me by email on:


Ruth Chapman
Tamworth, Staffordshire

Shamanic and Reiki healing, past life regression, power animal retrieval, cutting of ties, inner child healing, Munai Ki rites, distance healing. Rattle and medicine pouch workshops. Taught by Eliana Harvey at Shamanka. using modalities from a wide range of shamanic practices and now starting Shamanka Midlands, introductory workshops begin in March 2018, location Diseworth, Leicestershire. Personal development and main training begins 2019.

Websites Ruth Chapman; Shamanka Midlands


Johanna McHugh
Newmarket, Suffolk

I work from a shamanic base connecting to the worlds around us and within us: counselling with listening and reflection; cleansing with eggs (limpia); communication with and asking for help from otherworld guides; drum, crystal, movement and stillness. Also attuned to Reiki III.

WebsiteMedicine Door

Email –

Vanessa Lee
Tiger Tiger Healing

Shamanic practitioner, Yoga teacher and Reiki Master at Tiger Tiger Healing. Vanessa works one to one, offering bespoke healing sessions, and with groups, holding workshops and retreats in the UK and Spain. Emphasis is on kindness and belonging, family and community, always with delicious vegan food provided. Guided completely by spirit, Vanessa has had great success introducing students to shamanic journeying and also teaches and creates Shamanic art. On line sessions available, prefers to work in person in a beautiful location on the Suffolk Coast surrounded by nature.

WebsiteTiger Tiger Healing 

Email –


Gillian Turner
Leatherhead, Surrey

I studied shamanism with a teacher who was initiated by the Q’ero Inca shaman in Peru – I am a 4th generation shamanic practitioner – and specialise in releasing and healing childhood trauma, relationship trauma, fears, phobias, insomnia, depression and anxiety. I am fully initiated with the Mesa and I hold ceremonies such as Fire and Despacho as well as Cacao Ceremomies.

I use many traditional healings such as Soul Retrieval, illumination, extraction, parent/child, cutting chords, chakra balance and sword cleansing. I incorporate Sound healing, crystals and Reiki into my healing sessions.

I also run, with my husband, Drum making and birthing workshops and  monthly  drumming and singing circles in Surrey,

WebsiteThe Energy Wheel

Harriet Goudard
Surrey, the New Forest and online.

Harriet mentors medicine women, spiritual coaches & therapists in how to liberate lifeforce energy bound up in personal and ancestral trauma, blocks and entanglements, so that they can act from a place of presence and clarity, creating a life that reflects the radiance of their soul…
She does this by facilitating highly alchemical – and deeply somatic – experiences in the morphogenetic field; these are pathways to self-mastery.

WebsiteHarriet Goudard


Maddy Elruna
East Sussex

I run a regular shaman’s circle in East Sussex, and from 2017 will be offering 1-2-1 healing and teaching sessions. My circle has been running for 2 years now and has become a beautiful place to connect with the spirits. Tarot readings also offered.

Website Maddy Elruna

Email –

Nikki Marianna Hope
West Sussex

A qualified Sound Healer Nikki has learned from UK, New Zealand and Siberian Shamanic teachers and is a flower and vibrational essence practitioner/producer and artist. 1-to-1 appointments available on Monday or Tuesday in Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9DN.

Website KKi Sounds

Email – Phone – 0791 871 5011.

Leticia Parmer and Quinto Grigatti
West Sussex

With over 30 years’ experience as Shamanic Healers, Leticia and Quinto have devoted their lives to healing and helping others to restore body, mind and spirit. They work together as a couple and offer private appointments and group workshops. Testimonials and more information available via website.

Website Letinto

Email – Phone 07956 155105.

Ali Rabjohns
Lewes, East Sussex. Sessions offered 1:1 or via Skype

I’m a Shamanic Practitioner of Andean Energy Medicine, I teach the Medicine Wheel Programme and I offer regular Shamanic and Creative Workshops, Ceremonies and Healing Sessions. My lineage is from the Q’ero nation in the High Andes. I’ve trained with Alberto Villoldo and The Four Winds Society, as well as Elizabeth Jenkins. I’ve also had the honour of being initiated as a 4th level Priestess of the Inca mystical tradition under the tutelage of Juan Nuñez del Prado and his son Ivan.

In 2009, I helped to organise a pilgrimage to Q’eros with a group of friends from my training. Q’eros was my teacher Don Augustine’s sacred mountain. He gave the group some very powerful initiation rites in the final days of their pilgrimage. I didn’t realise just how powerful these rites were until I got home and began to set up my shamanic practice the following year, I’m planning to go back to Peru very soon!
In 2003, a healing crisis triggered my own shamanic healing and therapeutic arts path. I subsequently lived with my family in Brittany for three years and have since spent time honouring the Celtic lands through sacred ceremony. I’ve had a strong connection to the mountains since I grew up in North Wales until I was 7 years and then Dorset, growing up in nature.

I’m passionate about being a Moving Mandala Facilitator and offer Creative Retreats, as well as an 8 week Moving Mandala Programme.
As an Arts Counsellor, I work with clients 1:1 in my sustainable eco lodge, as well as in a Therapeutic College for Special Needs. I’m an artist and enjoy working with natural colours and textiles including felt and weaving. I live and run my healing practice near Lewes, S.E England.

Website Ali Rabjohns

Email – Phone – 07528614747


Raven Aisling

Raven is a shamanic practitioner with a diploma in Kestrel Shamanic Healing (IofAF). She has trained with Kestrel and Jay Oakwood and studied with FIOS (Foundation for inspirational and Oracular Studies), under Caitlin and John Matthews. Raven has also trained in house and land clearing with Irish ‘bean feasta’ Cait Branigan and continues to study the Inner Temple and other Western Mystery Traditions with RJ Steawart. She is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.

Website Cygnus Therapy

Mobile – 07956171854


V Chamberlin-Kidd

My Mission: Empower people to be their best, whole selves so they can live a balanced and intentional life.

I am a core shamanic practitioner who offers shamanic healing, soul retrieval, extraction work, power animal retrieval and ancestral healing. These shamanic techniques can help restore the natural balance of your emotions, thoughts, body and spirit. Having experienced many times of transition in my life I feel that shamanic healing is an empowering way to support anyone who is at a point of transition in their lives. Ancestral healing is also deeply nurturing for those who need deep soul-healing from ancestral issues or when other things don’t seem to be working.

I am also an Essential Oil advocate bringing the use of plant medicine into my shamanic work which can enhance any healing experience as well as allowing you to use a tailor-made oil sample at home following a session that will help you integrate the healing you have experienced. I also offer a shamanically-inspired process called ‘Guided Pictures in the Stone (GPS)’ which can help bring clarity to any situation where you feel stuck, blocked or would like a clearer vision for the future. I do sessions online and limited sessions at home.

Get in touch and let’s have a free 20-minute chat about how I can support you.

Website Essentially Shamanic

Email – . Phone or text (UK) 07951943774 or Facebook

Lyn Hill
West Yorkshire & Yorkshire Dales

Lyn is the “Lagu Kona” (the Woman of the Water Rune) embodying the wisdom and flow of the primordial mother.

“I work with Spirit, offering support and encouragement to others on their journey of awakening, bringing spirit-led healing to the whole of their being. Together we will pull on the threads of Seidr (Norse/Northern Traditions) and weave them into a healing tapestry along with techniques from Core Shamanism.”

My passion is working creatively with women bringing them back home to themselves reconnecting with their inner wisdom and knowing; exploring the sacred feminine, their seasons and cycles of life alongside working with the Moon particularly around the menopause, from the time leading into the peri-menopause all the way through and out the other side.

In addition to Shamanic Healing I offer Crystal Healing, Reiki Master/Teacher, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Well Woman (Womb) Yoga, Restorative Yoga. As well as the one to one sessions I offer group workshops and courses.

Website Sacred Awakenings.

Email –

Jayne Johnson
Hebden Bridge,West Yorkshire

Shamanic Practitioner and Facilitator at Shamanism Embodied, Body Psychotherapist and Embodied Relational Therapy/Wild Therapy trainer and Homeopath. Runs monthly Shamanic drumming circles, one day workshops, weekend residentials, and one to one sessions.

Website Shamanism Embodied.

Phone – 0785 414 6986

Eileen Mullard, My Energy Space
Ilkley,West Yorkshire

My Energy Space is a place where I can assist you to restore the natural balance of your mind, body and spirit through a variety of shamanic practices and other techniques which are tailored specifically to you. It is a place to heal, to learn something new about yourself or to simply to restore your energy. Some of these tools are illumination, soul retrieval, ancestral clearing, extraction, entity release and more. I also facilitate reiki and mindful meditation, and mentoring.

My shamanic training is from Four Winds, Peruvian Laika lineage, Michael Harner, Sandra Ingermann and other shamans since 2005. Reiki Master since mid 1990’s. Degree / Credentials: MSc,RN,BSN,PGCLTHE.

My Mission: To facilitate healing energy, enabling each client to renew and energise, allowing them to reconnect to the wholeness of their beings.

Website My Energy Space

Email – and Phone – +44 7972194073.

Spirit of the Sacred Drum
‘Holistic Wellbeing’, Shepley Huddersfield, Yorkshire HD8 8ER

Spirit of the Sacred Drum are Rick and Sheila Blackwell who are Shamanic Practitioners that studied at ‘The Warrior in the Heart Foundation’ based in Glastonbury and practice both traditional and contemporary approaches to Shamanism. Through Spirit of the Sacred Drum you can access a variety of workshops which incorporate basic introductions into core Shamanism and moving into deeper aspects of the Path, focusing on energy work, personal empowerment and spiritual development. We also offer one to one Shamanic Healings, Retreats, Journey Circles and Bespoke Handfasting Ceremonies and celebrate the seasonal festivals.

Website Spirit of the Sacred Drum

Email –



The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre

Training, energy work healing, workshops and weekly classes in shamanism.

Website –  The Edinburgh Shamanic Centre

Susan Hollins
Edinburgh and Remote (Distance) Working

I’ve been walking the Shamanic path since 2016: a surprising expansion of a liberal Christian/post-Christian faith I’ve had since childhood.

As a qualified Grief Therapist, I offer Shamanic Healing as an integral element to this particular therapeutic journey where appropriate. This healing may take the form of soul retrieval, psychopomp, ancestral healing or any/all of these. Independently of Grief Therapy I offer the full range of Shamanic Healing: Soul Retrieval, Psychopomp, Ancestral Healing, Divination. I work with the Chakras (Energy Centres) at depth, often journeying into and through them to retrieve information, soul fragments or other crucially relevant material.

As a Psychodynamic Therapist I also offer Therapeutic Shamanic Counselling. Therapeutic Shamanic Counselling employs the rich resources of psychotherapy to interact with and relate to Spirit (Source, the Divine….), our Guides, Teachers and Guardians. Therapeutic Shamanic Counselling can provide healing, as well as increased self-awareness and insight, while addressing problems/distress/challenges to enable a return to life balance. Therapeutic Shamanic Counselling is empowering. Its focus is personal healing, current and past relationship difficulties, addressing recurring emotional and behavioural imbalances. In and through Shamanic Counselling it’s possible to uncover greater depths within our spiritual life thereby increasing our inner resources and reducing any sense of feeling impoverished.  In Shamanic Counselling, I’ll enable you to Journey (if you don’t do this already) and to use the healing resources of Shamanism for yourself, as you engage with your Guides and communicate with them. Shamanic Counselling usually takes place over several sessions (specific to the need).

I live and work in beautiful Edinburgh, offering in person and online appointments.

WebsiteSusan Hollins Counselling

Contact – email: Mobile – +447375925296


Maggie Carmichael
Falkirk/Central Scotland

Sandra Ingerman method teacher / trainer.  In Death and Dying, Shamans Path, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Healing with Spiritual Light and Medicine for the Earth. Visit on shamanic pilgrammages in Peru and Nepal.  I have studied extensively via zoom with Bhola Banstola 2020 to 2023. I also organise workshops in Scotland for Bhola Banstola.  This years dates 22nd to 25th June 2023.  Next year 20th June to 23rd 2024

Please visit my website for more details and to contact me.

Website –  Bluebird-Dreamweaver (contact via contact page)


Fife and Tayside

Carol Day

Carol Day runs the Centre for Creative Vision based in Fife, Scotland. Carol set up the centre originally as the little red drum in 2009 and has been running courses and individual sessions since then. Visionary trainings take people through apprenticeship programmes with nature as the teacher. They cover Shamanic Practitioner, Story, Constellation Wheel and Death and Transition Practitioner training. With origins in art and an interest in quantum physics, Carol has trained with a number of Shamanic traditions over many years and teacher trained with Sandra Ingerman 2012 – 13. She is a trained educator who worked with children through Steiner, Montessori, main stream and outdoor environments for a number of years to explore creative and healthy expression. Her first shamanic curriculum was the nature as teacher spiral for The Secret Garden Outdoor nursery for young children in 2007. She is a pluralistic counsellor and holds a compassionate, creative and robust space for both groups and one to one work. She describes her work as a restoration of the models of inclusion and flow for individuals and organisations.

She is the author of the books Wheel and Drum available through Amazon.

Website The Centre for Creative Vision

Email – Phone: 07804469009.


Fotoula Adrimi

Fotoula Adrimi of The ISIS School of Holistic Health practices and teaches shamanic healing including Power and Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Death and Dying, Ceremony and Ritual, Medicine for the Earth and shamanic healing with spiritual light. She has trained as a teacher in core shamanism with Sandra Ingerman and has worked with indigenous shamans mainly in the Himalayan and Native American tradition. She is a sweat lodge waterpourer, firewalk instructor and vision quest/medicine walk facilitator. Fotoula carries a shamanic lineage from the mountain of Pelion in Greece, rich in herbology, bone divination and fire ceremony.

Fotoula runs a busy holistic practice in Glasgow and teaches weekly circles, workshops, retreats and a shamanic practitioner training course in core and cross-cultural shamanism.

Website The ISIS School of Holistic Health

Email – Phone: 07969459756.


Brian Anderson

I offer shamanic healing for individuals, regular workshops for groups as well as free sacred activism events where we open to find ethical wise and compassionte spirit led solutions to the challenges we are collectivley facing through the impact of modern life. My work with Shamanism invites us back to our own unique nature in relationship and connection with the world we are a essential part off.

I have over 30 years expereince in the helping proffessions and since 2004 working with individuals and groups with shamanic methods. I trained with the Sacred Trust, Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Sandra Ingermann as well as indigineous shamans from the Americas and my hearts home Ireland. I am currently researching and learning about traditional healing practices of this land.

I believe shamanism offers a new hope and vision for individuals as well as our society as a whole.

Website –  Oakenleaf

South Lanarkshire

Leslie and Andrew Marsh

Shamanic practitioners & healers, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Storytelling, Reiki. Distance healing available. Consultations via Skype also available by arrangement.

Website Spiral Heart

Mobile –  07968643552


County Wexford

Jules Dollman

A modern medicine woman and shaman, She is a graduate of the Four Winds Society, trained and practiced in the skills of Andean Shamanism and Energy Healing. She works both in person or remotely seeing clients from all over the globe. She offers healing to clear all manner of trauma, negative behaviors, addictions, depression and fertility problems. As well as ancestral, Sorcery, Soul loss and past-life healing. Together with her husband they offer one to one and group teachings and workshops in Andean shamanism and Cosmology, including the Rites of Initiation and Karpay.

Website Ayni Shamanic Healing


Courses and workshops on shamanism, dowsing, angel meditation, tantric yoga, and more with Joe Mullally

Website –


Amantha Murphy

Groups in both at home in Ireland, UK and the States. My teachings came primarily from my grandmother and I am a Seabhean and pre-Celtic Shamanic teacher and healer. The Seabhean is a blending of pre-Celtic shamanism and womyn’s mysteries. I also work with Rites of Passage, the Celtic Wheel and Sacred Journeys in Ireland.

Website – Amantha Murphy

Phone – (00353)(0)669767253. Mobile 0868938905



Maria Maya Fotiou, Awakening the Wisdom of the Heart

Offering Shamanic Healing that combines Core Shamanism with Toltec and Andean/ Inka healing techniques, Hypnotherapy, Reiki & Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage (Healing Tao System) to release trauma and transform old patterns to peace and empowerment. Sacred Menstruation and Womb Healing for women. I work with individuals and I also facilitate shamanic healing circles and events.

Website –  Maria Maya Fotiou


Online and Costa Tropical, Spain

Origin Healing

I offer online and in-person shamanic healing sessions by using shamanic journeying, cord cutting, soul retrieval, crystals and pendulum.

Shamanic journeying allows us to tap into the collective unconscious and personal spiritual guidance to retrieve insight, purpose and lost soul parts.

By journeying to our past it is possible to heal the present and rewrite our core story in a new wholesome way.

Each healing experience is combining the aspects of energy, emotion, body and inner-narrative.

WebsiteOrigin Healing

Email –

Vanessa Lee
Tiger Tiger Healing

Shamanic practitioner, Yoga teacher and Reiki Master at Tiger Tiger Healing. Vanessa works one to one, offering bespoke healing sessions, and with groups, holding workshops and retreats in the UK and Spain. Emphasis is on kindness and belonging, family and community, always with delicious vegan food provided. Guided completely by spirit, Vanessa has had great success introducing students to shamanic journeying and also teaches and creates Shamanic art. On line sessions available, prefers to work in person in a beautiful location on the Suffolk Coast surrounded by nature.

WebsiteTiger Tiger Healing 

Email –


Shaman Drums

Courses in Shaman Drum Building, Shamanic Travelling and Spiritual Dance.

Website –  Shaman Drums



Lynda Skeen
Los Angeles, California

Shamanic Reiki Practitioner. Working with shamanic healing techniques such as soul retrieval, spirit release, power animal retrieval,extraction, and journeywork, as well as Reiki energy. Much of my work can be done long distance, but I always suggest people find someone to work with in person if at all possible first.

Website –  Lynda Skeen

Phone 323-363-2040 cell


Thunder Valley Drums & Shaman Training
Kentucky and Distance work

Shaman Bob is a drummer at heart and started crafting shamanic drums and shamanic classes to the general public many years ago. His Lightning Drums (made from cross sections of trees downed by lightning) are now used by healers on every continent in the world except Antarctica. He started Thunder Valley Drums with the single purpose of making drums for good medicine, good service to all of life and good fun, too. It’s summed up with his personal motto: Live Free.

He resides with his family in Kentucky, USA, where they maintain their little business, and a healing and teaching center. (More info on the sites.)

Websites –  Natural Shaman Drums, Shaman Drums and More and Blog at Thunder Valley Drums


Crow (John MacKinnon)

Crow is based in the Northeastern US and manages Shamanic Voyages, an non-profit organization that offers international educational travel programs and retreats, workshops and individual sessions and mentorship. He also makes use of a rich network of collaborators and colleagues for making referrals for specifically focused work within the shamanic community. He has trained with both contemporary and traditional teachers including don Agustin Rivas Vasquez of Peru and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in the US.

Shamanic Voyages travel programs have included destinations including the Amazon Rainforest, the Andes of Peru and Bolivia and Mongolia, among others. Crow also makes natural hide shamanic hand drums, as well as offering drum building instruction.

Contact: to request more information or a consultation.

Website – ShamanicVoyages


Monika “Lonely Coyote”
Columbia, Maryland

Shamanic Healer operating out of Columbia, MD, USA, but available via Skype, Google Hangout, and phone. Most sessions are around $175.00 USD (approx. £136). Specialties include Addictions, Mental Health, increasing Joy and reducing Emotional Pain. Twitter: @HealingCoyote.

Website –  Healing Coyote


Sandra Corcoran, M.Ed., CDD, PSYCH-K, AOBTA
Natick, Massachustts

Sandy Corcoran is a holistic practitioner, shamanic counselor and indigenously trained dream decoder. Author of Shamanic Awakening: Between the Dark and the Daylight and the recent meditative CD, Souled Out, she co-created the STAR Process™ in ’91; a soul retrieval modality. Mentored and trained for the past 35 years in North, South, and Central America, as well as work in England, Ireland and Egypt, she conducts workshops and sacred journeys nationally/internationally. Sandy offers a bi-monthly dream blog and offers Thoth Tarot readings world-wide as a psychological tool for client’s consideration.

Website –  Starwalker Visions

Nina Ghaffari

Shamanic Practitioner and medium from an ancestral line that stretches across Persia to Mongolia, Nina comes from a long line of mediums, with the ability to walk in both the physical and spiritual realms. Nina offers services of Cleansings, Clearings & Blessings, Soul Retrievals, Mediumship, Readings, and Reiki sessions.

Website –  Soaring Vulture

North Carolina

Kelley Harrell, M. Div.
Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina

Modern shaman, author, and rune reader, Kelley has served her local community and an international client base since 2000, through in-person and distance healing and mentoring sessions, and through community ceremony. Kelley teaches shamanic classes, as well as mentors The Spirited Path Two-Year Modern Shamanisn Intensive, and Reclaiming the Runes One-Year Intensive. Her work focuses on teaching animistic living in the everyday, energy healing, soul retrieval, and finding the Divine where you stand. She shares The Weekly Rune and Betwixt series on her blog.

Website –  Soul Intent Arts

Tom Wright
Asheville, NC

Shaman,holistic healing professional with speciality in grief release and energy healing work. Includes long distance healing work. Part of the Asheville Holistic Healing Group.

Website –  A Course in Shamanism

Phone –  828 633-0462.


Kenn Day
Cincinnati, Ohio

Professional Shaman since 1989. Currently practicing at Body & Soul in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Available for distance work via Skype or phone. Specializing in shamanic healing modalities, including ancestor work, soul retrieval, extraction, spiritual crisis and related issues.

Website Shaman’s Touch


Rachel Mann, PhD

Rachel offers shamanic energy medicine sessions in person and by phone. Rachel also teaches the Great Medicine Wheel of the New Earth, in which she weaves together in one beautiful tapestry 30 years of spiritual study of and experience with the knowledge, teachings and practices of the deep and ancient wisdom traditions: Native American, Buddhist and Esoteric Christianity, Depth psychology.Rachel also offers a 300-hour certification in Shamanic Energy Medicine and Ceremony based on the practices and principles of the Great Medicine Wheel.

Website Rachel Mann, PhD

Email Phone 434-227-0538

Eric Weinstein
Northern Virginia and long-distance

I’m a holistic practitioner who started my practice in 2008 with shamanic healing, and added “Tapping”/EFT/Energy Psychology, hypnosis & NLP, EMDR/Eye Movement Integration, True Purpose coaching, Voice Dialogue/parts work, and Core Transformation.

My primary teacher is Mary “Tyrtle” Rooker, of Takoma Park, MD. Mary’s program combines teachings from the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Sandra Ingerman (Soul Retrieval innovator), Tom Cowan (noted Celtic shaman), and Betsy Bergstrom (Buddhist compassionate depossession). In the shamanic tradition, Mary was given permission to teach by her teachers. (Shamanism has no certificates or degrees.)

I’ve also taken workshops through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies; my instruction time totals more than 300 hours. About a third of my clients come just for shamanic work, while the rest incorporate it into a longer program of healing, personal growth, spiritual discovery, and human potential.

Website –  Hollow Reed Healing


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