Back Issues 2012-13 Bundle

Magazine issue and contents listing for the 2012-13 PDF back issue bundle of Indie Shaman magazine. This bundle is 6 magazines rather than the usual 4 as Indie Shaman first went on sale to the general public mid 2012. (PDF magazines prior to this are available to member’s only – Indie Shaman membership is a free benefit with an Indie Shaman subscription).

Indie Shaman Issue 18 PDFIssue 18

  • Mongolia: Land of Nomads, Shamans and Buddhists by Christa MacKinnon
  • An Interview with Arvick Baghramian, author of the Magic of Shamanism
  • Shamanic Anatomy of the Soul by Kenn Day
  • The Obsidian Mirror. Ancient Toltec Divination Tool Comes Alive by Joanna Flowering Whirlwind
  • Shamanic Reality: How Consciousness is Structured and the Purpose of Shamanic Process by Daniel Moler
  • Malagasy Magic by Yvonne Ryves
  • Exploring Eco Shamanic Acting & Performing Arts by David Sparenberg
  • Eoghan Odinsson continuing his series on Northern Plantlore with Buckthorn (Alder)

Indie Shaman Issue 17 PDFIssue 17

  • Indigenous Dream Models in South American Shamanic Cultures by Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
  • Campaign for the Stonehenge Ancestors: An Interview with King Arthur Pendragon
  • Western Shamanism; An Evolving Tradition by Mike Williams
  • Ogham Rattles: A Journey to Britains’s Native Spirituality by Phil Cowley Jones
  • The Wisdom of Trees by Ceri Norman
  • Eoghan Odinsson continuing his series on Northern Plantlore with Blackthorn
  • Once Felt, Never Forgotten. On the Road to Bhakti … a Pilgrimage to the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City by Michele Fontaine
  • Nematona’s Music Box

Indie Shaman Issue 16 PDFIssue 16

  • Spiritual Eating in the Modern World by Jim Pathfinder Ewing
  • Conscious Food an excerpt (from Conscious Food:Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating) courtesy of author Jim Pathfinder Ewing
  • Sangoma – Traditional African Shaman by John Lockley
  • An Interview with Yvonne Ryves, author of Web of Life: Guidance for Your Life Journey
  • Northern Plantlore: Birch Leaf, continuing the series on Northern Plantlore from Eoghan Odinsson
  • A Foot in Both Worlds by Nikki Williams
  • A conversation with Graham Nicholls – Paul Baskerville talks to Graham Nicholls at the 2012 Gateways of the Mind Conference
  • The Cosmic Dynamo – a New Toltec Teaching Revealed for the Sixth Sun by Michelle Fontaine

Indie Shaman Issue 15Issue 15

  • The Cactus Of Mystery. True Stories of Healing and Inspiration Delivered by San Pedro by Ross Heaven
  • Web of Life: Guidance for your Life Journey by Yvonne Ryves
  • Northern Plantlore: Asparagus by Eoghan Odinsson
  • Gateways of the Mind: Welcome to the Sun of Darkness by Paul Baskerville
  • Mandalas by Cat Hawkins
  • Archetypes in Everyday Life by Judith Stafford
  • Shedding the Layers by Mark Flaherty

Indie Shaman Issue 14 PDFIssue 14

  • The Beauty of Ceremony by Christa Mackinnon
  • An interview with post tribal shaman and author Kenn Day
  • Northern Plantlore: The Artichoke part of our regular series of articles on plantlore by Eoghan Odinsson
  • Brighid, Goddess and Saint written by Ceri Norman with illustration by Esther Remmington
  • Rising of the Sixth Sun and Resurrection of Quetzacoatl – Leading the way of the Mexicayotl path by Joanna Flowering Whirlwind
  • Trolls Don’t Just Inhabit the Internet by Judith Stafford with illustrations by Simon Harding
  • The Power of Music by Charlotte Shirvington featuring comments by: Adam Broadhurst from Under a Banner; Mike Stygal from the Pagan Federation; Singing Warrior, Niamh Ni Bhroin; bohemian PaganFolk band OMNIA; and Ross Heaven
  • Charlotte chats to Ross Heaven

Indie Shaman Issue 13 PDFIssue 13

  • The start of a wonderfully informative series of articles by Eoghan Odinsson on Northern Plant Lore
  • Hawaiian Wisdom by Gary Plunkett
  • The Drum as a Shamanic Tool by Yvonne Ryves
  • Green Spirituality and Practice by Chris Philpott and Charlotte Shirvington (2 articles)
  • Stonehenge and the Heavens by David Rowan
  • The Power of Softness by Charly Flower
  • An interview with shamanic practitioner and singer/songwriter Laura Sakara Marshall
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