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Indie Shaman issue 44 print

Issue 44 (April 2020)

  • Healing in the Ancestral Soul by Kenn Day
  • David Sparenberg talks about The Ancestor: A Cherokee Great Grandmother
  • Steven Ash continues his series of articles with Teaching from within the Medicine Wheel
  • A New Dictionary of Fairies by Morgan Daimler
  • Black Dogs: From Guardian to Ghoul by Helen JR Bruce
  • The Wisdom Hub interview: Davyd Farrell talks to Sir Julian Rose
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Marsh Mallow
  • Storyteller, Martin Pallot relates Surshe’s Tale, illustrated by artist Cathy Leigh Tsoukalas

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Issue 43 of Indie Shaman magazine print version

Issue 43 (January 2020)

  • Survival International on Davi Yanomami, the “Dalai Lama of the Rainforest”
  • Re-Sourcing Yourself: A Key to Wellness, Creativity and Peace by Brooke Medicine Eagle
  • Steven Ash continues his series of articles with Finding Your Ancestors in the Medicine Wheel
  • Gina Martin – Author of Fiction or the Hollow Bone?
  • Susan Latchford talks about her Path Finding
  • When I Was Young, June Kent writes about childhood otherworldly experiences
  • Feline Myth and Magic by Hannah Spencer
  • Ceremonies with Ines Cortes Rodriguez. An extract from Magic Mushrooms: The Holy Children by Ross Heaven.
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Loveage
  • Storyteller, Martin Pallot relates How the Robin got his Red Breast

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Indie Shaman Magazine Issue 42

Issue 42 (October 2019)

  • Rob Wildwood travels into The Land of the Fae with Merlin’s Quest
  • Wisdom Hub interview: Davyd Farrell talks to Travelling Land Shaman Dr Patrick MacManaway about Geomancy
  • Remembering Our Way Home by Gina Martin
  • Latino Esotericism: The Supernatural in Everyday Life by Antonio N. Zavaleta, Ph.D. and Mitchell A. Kaplan Ph.D.
  • Steven Ash continues his series of articles on Sacred Drumming with Trance Journeys into the Sacred Directions of the Medicine Wheel
  • Herbs of the Southern Shaman by Steve Andrews
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Lily of the Valley
  • Storyteller, Martin Pallot relates part 2 of The Tale of Tarolan

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Indie Shaman Magazine, Issue 40

Issue 40 (April 2019)


  • Shamanism of the Ulchi by Jan Van Ysselstyne
  • Indie Shaman talks to Jan Van Ysselstyne about her book Spirits from the Edge
  • Itzhak Beery writes about La Limpia: The Andean Energy Cleansing and Rejuvenation Healing Ceremony
  • The Life Force in Nature by Charles Shahar
  • Reclaiming the shamanic tradition from Chiron’s Pelion Mountain by Fotoula Adrimi
  • Sheer Zed relates his Thai Occult Road Trip
  • Rochelle Kent-Ellis looks at the Eastern Grey Squirrel
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Ivy
  • Storyteller, Martin Pallot relates Dartmoor Tale

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Indie Shaman Issue 39Issue 39 (January 2019)


  • “The fold behind the knee”. Reflections by Stephen Corry on ‘The Falling Sky: words of a Yanomami shaman’ by Davi Kopenawa & Bruce Albert
  • Sangoma, John Lockley, writes about Xhosa Mysticism
  • The Desecration of Natural Power Sites by Charles Shahar
  • Brian Anderson with Shamanism: Inviting a move towards an Earth Centred Consciousness?
  • Deathwalking by Laura Perry
  • Prairie Plant Medicine & the Seven Sacred Rites of the Lakota with Linda & Luke Black Elk by Eileen Mullard
  • Dolphins, Kinship and Kindred Spirits by Brenda El-Leithy
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Horsetail
  • Storyteller, Martin Pallot continues his tale of The Black Stone

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Indie Shaman Issue 38Issue 38 (October 2018)

  • The shaman-tattooers of Southeast Asia by Omar Beretta
  • Curanderismo: Latino Folk Medicine and Shamanism by Antonio N. Zavaleta and Mitchell A. Kaplan
  • Gonzalo W Bénard writes about Autism and Shamanism
  • Indie Shaman talks to eco-shamanic practitioner, Mandy Pullen
  • Ayahuasca and I by Stephanie Bown
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Horehound
  • Storyteller, Martin Pallot begins his tale of The Black Stone

Price £3.99. Postage free! Limited stock – only 4 available.

Indie Shaman Magazine Issue 21Issue 21 (2014)

  • We Journey How We Live by Arvick Baghramian
  • Re-claiming our Collective and Personal Creation Myths by Christa Mackinnon
  • A chat with Mike Stygal
  • Working from a shamanic perspective within pre-school education by Caro Smart
  • Finding Community as a Teen Shamanist by S. Kelley Harrell
  • Eoghan Odinsson continues his series on Northern Plantlore with Celandine
  • I Can Hear Her Breathing by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate
  • Soul Retrieval by Kay Gillard
  • The Grand Exit – a Nahual Way of Learning How to Die by Joanna Kossak Flowering Whirlwind

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Indie Shaman Issue 20Issue 20 (2014)

  • An interview with Sandra Corcoran, author of Shamanic Awakening
  • Living Homes, the complementary interweaving of Peruvian shamanism and feng shui by Davina MacKail
  • The Way of the Amazonian Tree Shaman by Mimi Buttacavoli
  • The Andean Mystical Path by Joanna Kossak, Flowering Whirlwind
  • Travels in Nepal, Yvonne Ryves
  • Eoghan Odinsson continuing his series on Northern Plantlore with Caraway

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Please note the following issues are non-glossy

Indie Shaman issue 16 Issue 16 (2013)

  • Spiritual Eating in the Modern World by Jim Pathfinder Ewing
  • Conscious Food an excerpt (from Conscious Food:Sustainable Growing, Spiritual Eating) courtesy of author Jim Pathfinder Ewing
  • Sangoma – Traditional African Shaman by John Lockley
  • An Interview with Yvonne Ryves, author of Web of Life: Guidance for Your Life Journey
  • Northern Plantlore: Birch Leaf, continuing the series on Northern Plantlore from Eoghan Odinsson
  • A Foot in Both Worlds by Nikki Williams
  • A conversation with Graham Nicholls – Paul Baskerville talks to Graham Nicholls at the 2012 Gateways of the Mind Conference
  • The Cosmic Dynamo – a New Toltec Teaching Revealed for the Sixth Sun by Michelle Fontaine

Limited stock – only 2 available.Price only £1.50 including postage.

Indie Shaman Issue 15Issue 15 (2013)

  • The Cactus Of Mystery. True Stories of Healing and Inspiration Delivered by San Pedro by Ross Heaven
  • Web of Life: Guidance for your Life Journey by Yvonne Ryves
  • Northern Plantlore: Asparagus by Eoghan Odinsson
  • Gateways of the Mind: Welcome to the Sun of Darkness by Paul Baskerville
  • Mandalas by Cat Hawkins
  • Archetypes in Everyday Life by Judith Stafford
  • Shedding the Layers by Mark Flaherty

Price only £1.50 including postage.