Indie Shaman’s shamanism home study course

In relation to shamanism the ultimate teachers and knowledge providers are the guides a person meets and works with in the Otherworld. The Indie Shaman shamanism home study course is designed to give people ‘tools’ to develop their skills for shamanic work. Whether or not a person becomes a shaman or shamanic practitioner is ultimately a matter of their personal calling or path in life. However, if someone has the calling we can support them in developing this. If a student’s path lays elsewhere this course can still be used for personal development work and frequently leads to the discovery of what their personal calling may be.

Our Shamanism Home Study course is taught via email and consists of the following:

Shamanic Skills Level 1 – six exercises starting with the basics including: meeting your guide; finding your sanctuary and meeting your inner child. This level looks at working with self then looks also at working with community. Students can choose to receive a certificate for this level when successfully completed or continue onto Level 2.

Shamanic Skills Level 2 – four exercises beginning with working with ancestors and further developing journeying and otherworld exploration skills. When successfully completed students can choose to receive a certificate for this level or continue onto Level 3.

Shamanic Practitioner Level 3 – This level consists of a safe soul retrieval practice and the exercise is designed for those with experience in journeying. It is aimed at people who are interested in working with others or who wish to experience soul retrieval for their own self development. This exercise involves distance work with your tutor and work is also sent to an impartial verifier. Eligible students are those who have succesfully completed Shamanic Skills levels 1 and 2 as detailed above. Students that successfully complete this level and the Soul Retrieval Practice exercise are issued a certificate that states they have successfully completed the Indie Shaman Shamanic Practitioner Course.

Please note – This course is not ‘pay to pass’ and certification is not guaranteed on payment. This is particularly the case for Level 3. Although, where relevant, students have found that even if the last exercise or the course itself didn’t take them where they first intended, that it was very useful for personal practice and in discovering where they felt they wanted to go next. Having said that students can and have successfully completed the whole course and the Shamanic Practitioner Certificate has been accepted by insurers when a practitioner needs insurance.

Course Fee

On buying the course you will get one calendar year’s tuition and access to the course exercises. The cost of the whole course is only £200, with a discount of 50% (total course fee £100) and unlimited access available as part of our Indie Shaman membership benefits*

We offer this course at this fantastic great value price as part of our ethos of supporting shamanic and ethical personal development.

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Information, Terms and Conditions

Our current course tutor is: June Kent. June is a professionally qualified Community worker with over 30 years’ experience of advice, support and community work. She is also a qualified and experienced Adult and Further Education Tutor having taught at a further education college and run various training courses. June is the founder of Indie Shaman, editor of Indie Shaman magazine and has been tutoring the course since 2006. She also occasionally takes on clients for shamanic mentoring.

On buying the courses you will get one calender year’s tuition. Extensions to this time limit may be granted under special circumstances but are not guaranteed. Indie Shaman member’s discount offer includes having no time constraints for accessing the course for as long as a student’s ongoing magazine subscription and membership is valid (offer ends if magazine subscription is cancelled or otherwise ended and reverts to access for one year from date of course purchase).