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Indie Shaman was set up with the original aim to inspire; providing information and support that inspired people to think “I can do that” or even “I don’t think this bit is for me but I can do that bit”. Animism – the belief that all has spirit – can lead to work with nature and the spirit of nature without necessarily meeting that spirit in shamanic journeys. Animism in itself is a good thing.

Shamanism means ‘what a shaman does’ – it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘only a shaman can do it’. For example a shaman is generally held to be someone who works with spirit on behalf of the community. But lots of people who are interested can work with spirit on a safe level for their own personal development, well-being and interest.

There are lots of resources about for people interested in traditional indigenous shamanism and for those who feel drawn to shamanism and want support in learning if their path is to be a practitioner. And Indie Shaman is for those people too. However, not everyone wants to be a shaman or shamanic practitioner and Indie Shaman is for people who feel like that also. There is always something you can do if you are interested in shamanism and animism. You don’t have to study with indigenous shaman abroad – which is out of reach for many people. You can work with spirit and the land wherever you live.

And we aim that Indie Shaman continues to share information and ideas on how.

I will be sharing some blog posts in the future that cover some of the usual topics people new to shamanism ask about, including a longer definition of ‘What is Shamanism’. In the meantime here are some useful links for resources we have:

Indie Shaman magazine shares interesting articles from well-established authors in the field and aims to be an informative, accessible and entertaining read.

Would like to join a local group? Please take a look at our Practitioner page. If there is a Practitioner in your area it is well worth contacting them to ask if they run or know of a group. We also have a page with listings of local shamanic drumming groups.

If you are looking for events and workshops we have a listing for these also. And again it is worth contacting Practitioners in your area to ask if they run training or workshops in your area.

If you are a practitioner please contact us to advertise/share information about your work. There is no charge for this service (text listings).

Looking for recommendations for books on shamanism? Shamanism Books is a free resource sharing information and book reviews plus you can browse by topic (e.g. books suitable for beginners) as well as by author or book title.

If you would like to chat about this post or share your thoughts and experiences of shamanism or animism please join us on our  Facebook group.


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