About Indie Shaman

Indie Shaman aims to do provide a supportive network for those interested in shamanism or a shamanic way of life, as well as for Shaman and Shamanic Practitioners from all cultures and for those of mixed heritage as well as those who are unsure yet as to where their cultural heritage lies. In doing this we aim to provide a means of helping people answer questions about life, promote self-discovery and self-development and encourage respect for the self, the community and the land.

The answer to the question “what does the ‘Indie’ in Indie Shaman stand for?” is, as most people guess, independent; meaning all inclusive regardless of tradition or area of shamanic interest. Indie Shaman was set up with the aim of being approachable and providing accessible support, advice and information, spanning across traditional indigenous shamanism, contemporary shamanism and multiculturalism. The ‘Indie’ in Indie Shaman also means independent person who thinks for themselves as in our slogan ‘For Independent Spirits’, a very shamanic trait found in both indigenous and contemporary shaman. Plus we liked the pun!

The History of Indie Shaman
2006 – The Beginning

Indie Shaman began as a discussion board /shamanic forum in 2006. When it moved to its own hosted website, forum members suggested they could help with the cost of running the site through paid membership.  Indie Shaman as we now know it was formed. The shop (closed in 2019) was started shortly after with the aim of financially supporting the free services Indie Shaman offered.

2008 and the Good Causes Fund

In 2008 members suggested starting up a ‘Good Causes Fund’, donations being made by Indie Shaman including from shop sales. In 2009 we adopted a hedgehog from Secret World Wildlife Sanctuary. We were pleasantly surprised to then receive a rather cuddly hedgehog and it was decided he could travel round, visiting members around the world. Shaman Sham the wandering hedgehog was born! Starting in the UK Sham visited many countries including Ireland, Scotland, Greece, the US, Peru and Spain. Most notably he attended 2 courses in shamanism with Ross Heaven earning his own ‘ologies’ and discovering his true name Ezekiel. A member’s suggestion and further fund-raising in 2010 led to the adoption of Madadh, a beautiful wolf from Wolf Watch UK. We have also supported other animal rescue work such as Billy’s Campaign, a young horse rescued in 2016.

2009 – The Launch of Indie Shaman magazine

By 2009 Indie Shaman could afford to offer something more to members and Indie Shaman magazine was launched. Summer 2012 was the first edition of the magazine to have an ISSN number, being officially available on sale to the general public and stored for posterity with the British Library. 2012 was also the year when we first launched a pdf subscription giving an affordable, ecological option particularly suitable for our growing number of subscribers outside the UK. We did, of course, continue to give free membership benefits to all subscribers to continue the sense of community.

2013 – Expanding Information and the Birth of Shamanism Books

Indie Shaman offers free information sharing to facilitate finding events, workshops or a practitioner and 2013 saw the expansion of both pages on our website. Sharing information about relevant books and the growing number of books reviewed for the magazine led to the birth of our book review website Shamanism Books.

2014 – We move to Derbyshire

In 2014 we moved from South Gloucestershire (just outside Bristol) to the edge of the beautiful Peak District in Derbyshire. So Indie Shaman magazine is now proudly Made in Derbyshire!

2017 – We join the Pagan & Heathen Symposium and Launch a New Website

Pagan and Heathen SymposiumIndie Shaman joined the Pagan and Heathen Symposium, attending our first meeting in 2017. The Symposium is a collection of diverse UK Pagan and Heathen organisations who have joined together to represent our members through a shared platform, allowing us to work effectively together towards a common goal.

2017 also saw the launch of this new website which gave the opportunity for us to share a new blog, including past magazine articles.

What Next?

Indie Shaman has been through a few changes in response to suggestions from our members and aims to continue to respond to the needs of those who approach us. So if you have a good idea please do contact us!

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