Indie Shaman Good Causes Fund

Indie Shaman’s Good Causes Fund was set up in 2008 and each year donates money raised by Indie Shaman and the Indie Shaman Community towards good causes, primarily wildlife rescues nominated by members of the community.

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100%* of all donations we receive goes into our Good Causes Fund and is used to continue our support of wildlife rescues.*We make no adminstrative charges. 100% of the net amount we receive from PayPal goes to the Charity Fund which is minus a small charge PayPal makes for processing payments.

Anja. Wolf Watch UK
Anja (image © Wolf Watch UK)

Indie Shaman Donations

Indie Shaman currently donates 50p from all magazine subscription payments*

*subscription renewal payments made at the original price of the subscription where the price has since increased due to e.g. the increased cost of postage, may be excluded from a donation being made by Indie Shaman when doing so would involve financial loss.

Please note Indie Shaman reserves the right to alter the charitable donations it makes to the Indie Shaman Good Causes Fund but will not do so without notification via this page.

Madadh (image © Wolf Watch UK)

Supporting Wolf Watch UK

We first supported Wolf Watch UK in 2010, adopting Madadh, a beautiful black Canadian Wolf who came to Wolf Watch as a tiny cub with her brother Kgosi in April 1999. Both Madadh and Kgosi lived to an outstanding old age, with hardly a day apart in their two and a half acre enclosure. Kgosi passed over on 23 May 2017 and on 30 October of that year Madadh also passed on, in the arms of Tony, who raised her from a day old pup.

Following this we then adopted Callow and in 2019, Anja. We are happy to be able to continue supporting Wolf Watch UK and so far have also been able to make an annual additional donation on top of the standard adoption fee.

With many thanks to all Indie Shaman subscribers and everyone who supports our fundraisers.

Callow (image © Wolf Watch UK)

History of Donations Made by Indie Shaman

In 2009 we first adopted a hedgehog from Secret World Wildlife Sanctuary. We were pleasantly surprised to then receive a rather cuddly hedgehog and it was decided he could travel round and visit members around the world. Shaman Sham the wandering hedgehog was born! Starting in the UK Sham visited many countries including Ireland, Scotland, Greece, the US, Peru and Spain. Most notably he attended two courses in shamanism with Ross Heaven earning his own ‘ologies’ and discovering his true name Ezekiel.

Shaman Sham discovers his name and gets his ‘ologies.

A member’s suggestion and further fund-raiser in 2010 led to the adoption of Madadh, a beautiful wolf from Wolf Watch UK.

We have also supported other animal rescue work such as ‘Billy’s Campaign’, a young horse rescued in 2016.

During our 2017-2018 financial year we continued to support Wolf Watch UK with a donation, also donating to Save Knock Iveagh and making a small donation towards a fundraiser for a man’s cancer treatment. All donations were suggested or nominated by Indie Shaman subscribers.

Wild Cat 'thank you for your support'

In 2018-2019 we donated to Wolf Watch UK,  Wildcat Haven and made a donation towards a woman’s cancer treatment fund-raiser. (For wildcat images, link to video and Wildcat Haven press release please read our blog article ‘First Video Evidence of Pure Scottish Wildcat Revealed‘.)

In 2019-2020 we donated to The Children’s Hospital Charity (Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Charity) and Wolf Watch UK.

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