Aims and Ethics

Indie Shaman’s aims, ethics and mission statement were discussed and agreed by our original online ‘discussion board’ community. If you are an Indie Shaman member please contact us if you would like to comment or contribute to our aims and ethics.

Mission Statement

Indie Shaman aims to provide a supportive network for those interested in shamanism or a shamanic way of life, as well as for shaman and shamanic practitioners from all cultures and of mixed heritage. In doing this we aim to provide a means of helping people answer questions about life, promote self-discovery and self-development and encourage respect for the self, the community and the land. 

Honouring our Ancestors

Honouring the Land

Honouring our Community and Ourselves

Aims and Ethics
  1. To enable all those who feel drawn to follow a shamanic path to access support and information, including for personal and spiritual development, as well as for the development of the practice of shamanism.
  2. To support and encourage an ethical commitment to shamanism among shaman and shamanic practitioners.
  3. To encourage respect for the self and for our communities.
  4. To honour and encourage the honour of our ancestors and our descendants, both of blood and spirit.
  5. To encourage the active participation of individuals and communities in taking care of the natural world and the land.
  6. To respect the rights of indigenous people especially those under threat from globalisation, industrialisation or any other cause that adversely affects their right to define their own way of life.
  7. To provide an inclusive service to individuals of all and any race, sex, gender, colour, nationality, ethnic or racial origin, cultural heritage, disability, sexual orientation, age or relationship status.
Ethics and Aims for Practitioners

In addition to agreeing with Indie Shaman’s aims and ethics, all practitioners listed on our Shamanic Practitioners Register must agree to the following:

  1. To use their skills for the betterment of the individual, the community and the land.
  2. To be honest, open minded, non-judgmental and to treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  3. To strive to source and use goods which are produced without the exploitation of other people, animals or the land.
  4. To only charge an appropriate fee and to discuss this fee with the client or customer in advance of any work being undertaken.
  5. To maintain client confidentiality, unless this is overruled by a child protection issue or vulnerable adult protection issue, in which case to report all suspected such cases to the relevant authority.
  6. To not knowingly work with an individual without their informed consent.
  7. To not knowingly work with an individual under the age of 18 years without the prior permission of their parent or legal guardian.
  8. To refer any client to a qualified health professional when appropriate.






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