Shamanism Community Resources

This page contains free resources for the ‘shamanism community’, both practitioners and all members of the public interested in shamanism. These include a list of shamanic practitioners; shamanic events, groups, workshops and training; book reviews and an online support discussion group. Please scroll down this page for more information.

Subscription to Indie Shaman magazine includes free membership with further community benefits which are listed on this page where appropriate. For a complete list of membership benefits please visit our Magazine page

Practitioner and Teacher List

Need a shamanic practitioner or teacher/mentor? Have a look through our Shamanic Practitioners List.

If you are a Shaman, Shamanic Practitioner, Teacher or Mentor and would like to be listed on our Practitioner’s Page please contact us. Listing is free but may be subject to references and other verification. Please contact us for more information.

If you are a practitioner and Indie Shaman subscriber you can also apply for Ethical Certification.

Ethical Certification

Indie Shaman ethical certification is available to practitioners who can demonstrate they comply with our ethical and professional practice criteria. Advertisement and event listing for ethical certificated practitioners are given highlighted priority on our website pages and (where appropriate) within Indie Shaman magazine.

Please note that Indie Shaman ethical certification is NOT a practice qualification in shamanism. It is certification from Indie Shaman that the person concerned has demonstrated they operate in an ethical manner which includes verifiying their ability to practice (including qualifications and certification where appropriate). Other practitioners and traders are also welcome to apply for ethical certification in their own practice/trade.

For more information and to apply for certification please visit our Ethical Certification page.

Events List

A diary of shamanic events and workshops are listed on our Events page

Sharing of information on our website events page is free. Selected relevant events are also published on the Events page of Indie Shaman magazine. Practitioners with ethical certification, subscribers and partners events take precedence for magazine space. Please contact us for more information. Relevant events only please.

Shamanic Drumming Circles List

Shamanic drumming circles are listed on our Drum Circles page

Sharing of information on our website drum circle page is free. Selected drum circles may also published on the Events page of Indie Shaman magazine. Subscribers and partners events take precedence for magazine space. Please contact us for more information.

Discussion Group

Want to chat to like-minded people or would like some advice or support? Indie Shaman has a Facebook Discussion group which is a space where people can discuss shamanism and share information in a safe and supportive environment. (It is a closed group with posts only view-able by group members and membership needing to be approved first.)

There are people in our group with a wide range of experience including beginners and those well known in the field. The group ethos is that “there is no such thing as a stupid question, opinion or experience and no one truth or ‘right’ response” and we aim to treat all paths, opinions and views with equal respect.

Please do join us – Indie Shaman Facebook Group.

Book Reviews

Looking for a book on shamanism or just for a good book? Visit our book review site Shamanism:Books for information and reviews on a wide range of books.

Pagan and Heathen SymposiumPagan and Heathen Symposium

Indie Shaman is a member of The Pagan and Heathen Symposium, a collection of diverse UK Pagan and Heathen organisations who have joined together to represent our members through a shared platform, allowing us to work effectively together towards a common goal. Work the Symposium has evolved to date includes: a Pagan friendly counsellor network; a code of conduct; input into religious education and the first step of introducing paganism to the UK National Curriculum and input into the UK consultation on marriage reform.

Indie Shaman’s representative on the Pagan and Heathen Symposium is June Kent. If you would like to put something forward for consideration by the Symposium please contact her via email, post or our contact page.

Please note that Indie Shaman is not exclusively Pagan and members of all denominations are most welcome.

Other Useful Resources

Our other useful resources list includes relevent online information websites, shops, forums, blogs and alternative practitioners.

Indie Shaman is happy to exchange links with any appropriate website. If you have a website and would like to swap links please contact us.