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Oak Spirit Gatherings 2020

A list of shamanism workshops, events, conferences and related training in the UK and throughout the world by established practitioners and trainers.

Events are open to the general public unless stated otherwise. Click on the event title link (highlighted in blue) or image to view websites which will open in a new webpage where available. Contact information may also be given on the event advertisement. For more information on any event please contact the event holder directly. Events diary listings are in date order.

For shamanic drumming circles please view our Drum Circles page.


Plant Eco Shamanism Year Course – Plant Perception and Resonance. 2019 – 14/15th September, 9/10th November, 2020 – 14/15th March, 27/28th September, Millers Farm, FOREST OF DEAN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, GL15 4AP.

Four weekends of sensory plant immersion open to all. Dive deeply into the world of plants using your five senses to connect to your sixth heart/spirit sense! Build a relationship with one or more plants and follow it through it’s seasons of emergence, embodiment, purpose and culmintation whilst creating your own plant monograph/journal. Areas covered also include: developing sensory awareness; intuition and perception; ritual and ceremony; listening to plants; preparing and processing; journeying and dreaming. £640 (£480 conc) includes meals and can be paid by instalments. Simple budget accommodation available at extra cost on site. Led by Eco Shamanic practitioner Mandy Pullen and Sensory Herb specialist Freya Davies.

Contact: Mandy Pullen

Earth, Heart, Soul & Spirit – Shamanic Dreaming Heart Retreat, 13th – 15th September with Christa Mackinnon . Come and join us for this amazing retreat at the beautiful Gaunts House in DORSET. Tuning into the energies around the Equinox, this year’s retreat offers you an enchanting space to celebrate being alive, focusing on the shamanic medicine of the heart, its visionary dreaming and connection to your soul’s journey. Please click on link for detailed full program.

Q’ero Peruvian Curandero Course, with Shamanic Practitioner with Nikki-Marianna Hope, 10 dates • 22 Sep 2019 – 21 Jun 2020; Wild Nest Yoga Studio, Bellamy House, 2 Winton Road, PETERSFIELD, HAMPSHIRE GU32 3HA.

Learn to connect with your Shamanic Guides, work with Mother Nature and find your place in the Universe. Make your own Curandero Mesa (medicine bundle); Working with the six directions; Chumpi Belt Initiation; Healing with Flower Petals; Healing with Herbs; Past Life Healing; Drum rhythms for healing; Rainbow Illumination Healing; Three Stone Healing; Connecting to our Ancestors; Soul Retrieval.

Sundays from 10 am – 4 pm. Dates; 22 Sept, 20 Oct, 17 Nov, 15 Dec 2019, 19 Jan, 23 Feb, 29 Mar, 19 Apr, 24 May 2020. Ayni Despacho – Fire Ceremony 21 June 2020 – optional. Case studies required for Practitioner Qualification. Certificate of Attendance for CPD. Exchange £675.

To book please contact Nikki-Marianna Hope, phone 0791 871 5011

Soul Journeys for Women: Connecting to the Power of your Wild Woman, Box Village Hall Box, STROUD, GL6 9HE, UK, September 29, Christa Mackinnon . In this workshop we will use deep shamanic journeying, sound vibrations, dance and ceremony to re-connect with, awaken, listen to and honour our ‘inner creative wild woman’, which is vital if we want to stand in our feminine power, express ourselves uniquely and walk our authentic path. Cost £58 – £68. Click on link for more info and contact details.

Eco Shamanism Year Course – Shifting Terrain. 2019 – 3-6th October: 2020 – 13-16th February, 11-14th June, 10-13 September. All weekends start Thursday 6.30pm with supper and finish at 3-4pm Sunday. Ragmans Farm, FOREST OF DEAN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, GL17 9PA.

A year of Eco Shamanism open to all. This series of four long weekends will delve into Weather Shamanism, Micro Intelligence, Eco Linguistics and Dreams and Dreaming with an overlying theme of ‘instinction’ as opposed to extinction. Perceptions, perspectives and paradigms will be challenged whilst we explore “The greater part of the soul which is outside the body” (Sendivogius). Our back drop is our Earth, in which we find ourselves, over and over again. Earth’s back drop is the great void of unconsciousness in which she finds herself, over and over again. Expect to come under a spell, spelt Earth. £1200 includes all meals and accommodation – can be paid by instalments. Led by Mandy Pullen with additional teachings from dreaming expert Jane Embleton and Sensory Herb specialist Freya Davies.

Contact: Mandy Pullen

Discover and Empower the Medicine Woman Within, South Brent, DEVON. 12th & 13th October 2019, Christa Mackinnon & Vanessa Tucker. This two day course is an intro module of the ‘Training School for Modern Medicine Women’, but can also be attended if you don’t want to take the training further. The course will connect you to your Inner Medicine Woman, an archetypal aspect of your deeper self, who calls you to grow into your power, claim your gifts, learn how to use them and contribute to the change. Click on link for more info and contact details.

The 21st Annual New York Shamanic Gathering, at Central Park, NEW YORK, October 13 with the New York Shamanic Circle. Click on link above for more information and contact details.

Soul Retrieval and the Fort Holder: soul retrieval for modern times, Six weekends, at roughly two-monthly intervals. Dates: 2019: October 19-20, December 14-15. 2020: Feb 29 + March 1, May 9+10, July 4+5, September 12+13. Venue: LLANDUDNO, NORTH WALES. Tutors: Chris Holt, Jayne Birkett, Marie Edwards, Paul Connery, and Rachel Surtees. With additional teaching from Paul Francis on each weekend. Over the weekends we will explore different traditional ways of doing soul retrievals. In the process we will work on reconnecting to our own lost soul parts, as well as learning the beautiful, moving and empowering work of helping others recover theirs. Please note, this is not just a shamanism course. It is a therapeutic shamanism course, and so it focuses not only on shamanism but on the psychotherapeutic side of the work in equal measure. As such, participating on it does require a reasonable degree of psychological awareness. Or at the very least, a curiosity and willingness to own and explore emotional and psychological issues in a safe group setting. More information via website link or email Paul Francis,

Shamanism & IFS Psychotherapy for personal growth, NEW YORK, October 19 – 20 with with Itzhak Beery & Monique Lang. Click on link above for more information and contact details.

Sacred Egypt – Alchemy of Neteru, with Joanna Flowering Whirlwind & Zahra Indigo Rønlov, 21-28 October 2019.

Discover your roots in ancient EGYPT. You will be guided through intensive shamanic ritual of alchemical transformation and initiation to transcend your limitations and will be recreated into a fully awakened being.

You will be blessed by the presence and teachings of the Priestess of Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, Zahra Indigo Rønlov.


Mayan Medicina, YUCATAN, MEXICO, October 25 – 30 with with Abuelo Antonio Oxté and Itzhak Beery. Click on link above for more information and contact details.

Celebrating La Muerte Of Mictlantecuhtli And Mictlancihuatl In Mexico. A Pilgrimage With Sergio Magaña, 31 October – 8 November, 20119. MEXICO CITY – The Four Points Hotel and Teotihuacan – The Dreaming House.

This mystical, spiritual adventure will change your life by bringing new understanding to the process of Death by transforming it from something to be feared into something to be celebrated. You will discover the importance of having a conscious Death leading you to becoming the Enlightened Spiritual Warrior!

The Nahual tradition regards death as a companion to life. Life and death are both embodied by the Goddess of Life and Death Coatlicue, whose head is formed by two serpents symbolizing the meeting of life and death, which complement each other and are only separated by the illusion of time.

Click here for full programme.


Foundation Training Weekend: Way Of The Warrior Healer, with Davyd and Emma Farrell (Plant Consciousness). Working with the power of the 4 elements and the medicine wheel, you will learn how to work with plants holistically, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, each workshop either standing alone as a teaching within itself or blending into a complete medicine wheel as a foundational base for our 9 module ‘Way Of The Warrior Healer’ course starting in 2020. Cost £192 – 226 per weekend, including lunch & refreshments.

The Goddess Of Earth Magic, 9-10 November – MID-WALES. Making Elder medicines with Elder spirit; Clearing your inner vision; Techniques to heal family bloodlines; The triple-Goddess; The Earth element & North direction; Prayer & Intention; Locating & removing toxic phenomena from the energy field; Belief systems and the principles.

For more information please click on website link or email

Shamanism & IFS Psychotherapy. Unlease your Soul Potential, NEW YORK, November 17 – 222 with with Itzhak Beery & Monique Lang. Click on link above for more information and to book.

Create your Energetic Double. A workshop with Sergio Magaña, 29 November to 1 December 2019, Stephens House and Gardens, LONDON.
We all have an energy body but unless it is nurtured and developed with powerful intent, it does not become a ‘Double’. The Double seems to be unique to Toltec/Mexicayotl wisdom path that advocates conscious dying and surviving the physical death in a powerful, planned, informed way. I am very excited that Sergio will be teaching The Double in defiance to conventional paradigm of our energetic anatomy.
Contact email

Yaku Raymi -Sacred Water New Year Celebration,Casa Gaia, Esmeralda, ECUADOR, with Itzhak Beery. Dec. 27 – Jan. 2, 2020 – Casa Gaia – Mompiche – Esmeraldas, Ecuador

On a stunning and sunny secluded shore of Ecuador. Experience seven days and six night of deep shamanic mindfulness and joy. Engage in water purification and gratitude rituals, cleansing herbal baths, profound sound, and vibrational music healing, and transformative fire ceremonies, to shed the old and welcome the new. You may choose to participate in three types of visionary plant medicines. All meant to guide you through setting a clear intention and prepare you for 2020’s challenges. This is a perfect time to restore and invigorate your mind, body, and spirit. Click on link above for more information and to book.


Healing Expedition to the Amazon and Andes of Ecuador, with Itzhak Beery, Juan Carlos Calvachi & Josep Rosas, January 3-17, 2020. This trip is a truly magical, healing–on all levels–and life-transforming trip experience. It is not a touristic trip. You will meet the Yachaks / Shamans of the High Andes Mountains and the Sieko’pai’s (Secoya) elders in their beautiful pristine Amazon.

You will experience the ancient and powerful La Limpia ceremonies (negative energy removal and purification ), Yaje (Ayahuasca) – plant medicine ceremonies, leisurely nature hikes, community events, the wonder of the Andes and Amazonian flora, birds, animals, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, and much more.

Two spaces now available (website note – this information is as at 05/09/19). More information and contact via website link above or email

Foundation Training Weekend: Way Of The Warrior Healer, with Davyd and Emma Farrell (Plant Consciousness). Working with the power of the 4 elements and the medicine wheel, you will learn how to work with plants holistically, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level, each workshop either standing alone as a teaching within itself or blending into a complete medicine wheel as a foundational base for our 9 module ‘Way Of The Warrior Healer’ course starting in 2020. Cost £192 – 226 per weekend, including lunch & refreshments.

Sacred Basil, 10 – 12 January – MID-WALES. In the darkness of winter we can access the most hidden aspects of ourselves. Protected by the ‘The Queen of Herbs’ we will disentangle the complicated spiritual ties behind our closest relations and be guided towards harmony. Sacred Basil (Tulsi) is one of the most sacred plants in India and although not a native plant to our islands we have decided to include her in our work due to her powerful benefits for the mind, body and soul. Not only is she a strong adaptogen and antioxidant, on a metaphysical level she is a great protector and is worked with for soul retrievals, soul contracts and for connection to the divine. A living Goddess with the power to heal and realign relationships, to retrieve lost soul fragments and open our awareness to our true potential. You will also learn: Soul contracts; The Essence of Emptiness & Non-dual Awareness; The Space / Ether element; The Centre of the Medicine Wheel; Intentions & Prayers; Manifestation; Making Sacred Basil Medicines in co-creation with the Sacred Basil spirit.

For more information please click on website link above or email

La Limpia: The Energy Cleansing Andes Ceremony, with Itzhak Beery,NEW YORK. Free Intro on Thursday, January 23 at 8:00 pm. 5 classes series Jan 30 -March 5. Click on link above for more information and to book.

Bridging the Worlds: Psycho-spiritual Shamanism for Therapeutic and Coaching Professionals, with Christa Mackinnon, 25 January 2020 – May 2020, DEVON.This inspiring four-weekend training course, which is loosely based on my books, will enchant you, open new worlds and enrich your personal and professional life. You will develop the shamanic within you, as well as learn approaches, techniques and tools you can utilize in your work with clients and groups. Having facilitated the course in London for many years, I am excited to offer it in the Southwest in 2020. The course is certificated and carries CPD hours. Places are limited. Please book early. More information and contact via link above or email

Dreams & Tracking Retreat in the Kalahari Desert, with John Lockley and Alwyn Myburgh. Sunday, February 9, 2020 6:00 PM – Monday, March 2, 2020 3:00 PM; KALAHARI DESERT, BOTSWANA. A 7-day masterclass immersion in the Kalahari Desert with John Lockley and Alwyn Myburgh joined by special guests, !!Xo Bushman/San elders. First retreat dates: Sunday 9th to 18th February 2020. Second retreat dates: Sunday 23rd Feb to Monday 2nd March 2020.

This is the first of its kind in modern times, with a sangoma & tracker working alongside one another to take participants on an inner and outer journey to connect to their wildness. Participants will be driven into the heart of the Kalahari for 7 days. There will be no wifi or modern facilities. Price will include all teachings, food & accommodation. People will sleep in special mobile tents.Each day will involve listening to nature, our dreams and following the tracks in the sand.
* A percentage of retreat profits will go towards the local Kalahari San community to improve their life.

Places are limited to a maximum OF 8 people per retreat. For more information and to book please email Bev via

The Healing Path School of Nahualism with Sergio Magaña. LONDON AND NEW YORK. March 27-30; June 15-18; Sept 14-17.

The Mastery Healing School is returning to London and New York in 2020 with acclaimed teacher Sergio Magaña! This is a unique opportunity, not only for self-healing but also for becoming a healing practitioner and healing others using most effective techniques of Toltec ancient wisdom and knowledge.

To be a successful healer, one must acquire a strong energetic body and learn mathematic of the Universe, to co-create with the Source as a part of universal creation. You will learn how to unify tonal – nahual, conscious and unconscious, similar to moving the assemblage point, a key teaching of Carlos Castaneda. Without healing of 9 Underworlds – where our unconscious energies dwell it is difficult to become a successful healer. We will close previous cycles and opening a new future of union between mind, body and soul to manifest your greatest destiny for you – and for your clients.

Full programme to be announced asap. For more information and to reserve your place email

Way Of The Warrior Healer, with Davyd and Emma Farrell. Indigenous Plant Medicine and Otherworld Magic. A 9 module graduated path to becoming a contemporary healerwith the wisdom, plant medicine and magic of the ancients. Starting April 2020, MID-WALES.

This course will take you through a series of initiations and inner processes of transformation for you to emerge standing in your true power as a medicine person and guardian of the Earth. Inner wisdom comes from the level of the soul and the truth of our existence will only emerge through making the soul conscious, by uniting the higher and lower minds and moving our perceptions into multi dimensional realms.To be a true healer, ready to work with the powerful forces of our modern age takes inner strength, a pure energy field, integrity and a focused mind. On the journey you will learn to cultivate these directly fromour own indigenous plants and trees, they will be your trusted guides into the shadow and into the eternal light.

For more information please click on website link above, download brochure, or email

The Arising Feminine with Brooke Medicine-Eagle. A Women’s Retreat exploring Resurrection, Rejuvenation and Renewal, Friday 10th to Monday 13th April 2020 at Trigonos, Nantlle, Gwynedd, LL54 6BW, NORTH WALES, UK.

We will gather at one of North Wales most lovely retreat venues, and tune into the Spring energy, feeling for the natural expansion that comes as the plants awaken and quicken into growth. We will also take time for deep rest, and for dancing our goddess-given creativity into radiant life. We will walk and sit upon the beautiful land for its nurturance, and bathe our feet in pure waters to cleanse away what is old and no longer needed.

What you will learn will encourage the rejuvenation of your body and brain to function in natural and powerful ways. We will also explore spiritual practices to help you fulfil your needs and set up your life for more grace and ease. We will weave together a special altar and unique ceremony for resurrecting our truest, most authentic, finest selves: an initiation ceremony of gratitude and celebration.

Pricing £400 non-residental (includes lunches and dinners), £600 – £700 residential. Booking available via website link above. For more information please contact Claire on +44 (0) 7970 409 724 or

Women’s Self Renewal Retreat, 24-26th April 2020, Cober Hill nr SCARBOROUGH, UK. Do you crave space for reflection, rest and renewal? Join Eileen Mullard for a deeply restorative retreat.

This will be a retreat for deep healing of yourself with an evening fire(s), walking a labrinyth, cultivating self – learning practices, and meditating. By the sea with no cooking just rest and renewal. Eileen will organise everything so that you can concentrate fully on your wellbeing, meeting new like-minded people and having an experience that will stay with you for a long time. All diets catered for.

Cost £260. Places are limited on each retreat so early booking is advisable. More information via link above or email

Oak Spirit Residential Retreat 2020. We invite you to join us for our Oak Spirit Gathering 2020 – Sacred Waters in the heart of DERBYSHIRE at Unstone Grange. We will journey into our watery depths at this wonderful Residential Retreat, Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th July 2020. Let us merge with the spiritual energies of water through ceremony, journeying, ritual and sacred crafting.

Through various workshops and ceremonies we will learn how this powerful element can strongly influence our lives and how we can use all that water has to teach us. Our aim is that we can also take those teachings back to our own communities, for the good of others.

For more information please click on website link, visit our Facebook page or email


Introduction to Shamanism days. with Paul Francis, Therapeutic Shamanism. VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN THE UK. These one-day workshops run at various times in the year. The day is experiential, and cover the basics of shamanic practice. People usually find them an eye-opening experience that opens a rich and amazing world of possibilities. Participants are shown simple yet profound techniques to enter shamanic reality to reconnect to their own spirituality. No prior experience is necessary. The day includes: the history of shamanism; the key concepts of the shamanic universe; how to enter a shamanic ‘journey’; a power animal retrieval journey; the basics of how to journey for others. For more information or if you would interested in organising an Introductory Day in your area email

Sacred Circle Dance and Drumming. with Michael Meredith, Keith Barrett & Barbara Moorby in CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Tantric Circle Dance [“Dances of Universal Peace”] sessions every 3rd Saturday afternoon in the month plus “Wheel of the Year” Drumming Days every 3 months. Click on website link for more details and contact.

Shamanic Sundays. with Mandy Pullen. FOREST OF DEAN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Usually on the first Sunday of every month: Forest of Dean 10.30am – 1pm. Monthly journeying circle to allow space for spirit work in our busy lives. Suitable for those who can already journey and beginners as a taster of shamanic journeying. Regular Introduction to Shamanism workshops are held for those who wish to go on and learn the technique. Contact details: Mandy Pullen Tel:01594 541850 or Email:

Monthly Cacao Ceremony. Held every month on the new moon, INVERNESS, SCOTLAND. Using plant medicine teachings, ceremony, meditation, sacred space and guided invocation, music and more. For more information please email

Drum Birthing Days with Nicola & Jason Smalley, The Way of the Buzzard . Near Chorley, LANCASHIRE. There is something really special about crafting your own sacred tool, putting your creative energy into something which you will work with on your spiritual journey for years to come. Join us on one of our days to will birth your own drum. Cost from £190. Contact Nicola or Jason on 01257 233909,

Shamanic Ceremonies & Women’s Circles Circles with Maria Fotiou (Maia) in LONDON. Shamanic Ceremonies & Journeying Circles on/ around the New/ Full Moon and the Holy Days marking the change of the Earth seasons attuning to the higher cosmic frequencies and grounding them for the greatest good of all. For next dates, email Maia at or click on website link.

Birth your Healing Drum with Melonie Syrett . The drum is so much more than an instrument. It is a sacred tool, an ally, a friend. If the drum has called to you, allow me to be your midwife as, in a small group, your drum takes shape. We begin with the hoop and hide, honouring all that came to us for this work and we work with reverence. You will create a full frame drum and beater and we will journey to find its guardian and perhaps its reasons for coming to you. Cost £180.

List of dates on the website up until the end of the year. Other dates can be arranged. Workshops held in LONDON or, if a group of four can be gathered I will come to you. Contact for more details 07462615299.

Shamanic day workshops and weekend retreats running throughout the year in the NORTHWEST OF ENGLAND,with Nicola & Jason Smalley, The Way of the Buzzard. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of the PEAK DISTRICT, YORKSHIRE DALES, FOREST OF BOWLAND and the WEST PENNINE MOORS.Learn and further develop your shamanic practice through nature connection journeying, drumming, crafting, and working with animal spirit guides, spirit guides & teachers, and tree spirit medicine. Contact Nicola and Jason on, 01257 233909

Monthly Open ‘Warrior’ Soul Rescue Circle with Shirley Flint and Kieron Morgan. St Michael’s Church The Sanctuary, Ewell Village,SURREY, ENGLAND. 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start. An evening rescuing the lost souls of those who have fought in battle and war, who in such a traumatic and selfless way ended their lives, and those who have died as a result of war throughout all ages and lands. For all enquiries please contact Shirley Flint on 07889 018713 or There is no charge for the evening but donations to St Michael’s are welcome.

Crystal Space Events. Meet up at ‘Our Space’. Events including drum making. SILSDEN, WEST YORKSHIRE.

Munay Ki Network. YORKSHIRE

Walking the Sacred Way. Near PERTH, SCOTLAND, with Brian Anderson. Shamanism opens us to the sacredness of life, this process moves us away from a hierarchical and linear mind to a circular state of consciousness where we know we are connected as one web of life and come to experience life as sacred and that all life is alive and that land is sacred and so asks to be respected. Cultures across the world talk of nature as the visible face of spirit so as we walk we are walking in the presence of spirit this is why a conscious walk in nature can be so restorative for us.

This 3 hour workshop offers an opening and deepening of this sacred experience and offers a practical and effective method of healing that you can use in your life as and when needed. We start with our ceremony with respect and moving our perception to see that land as a sacred living spirit, one that is aware of us as we are aware of it. We then will walk out with the land to continue our work and finally return to share and integrate your experience where support will be given to carry on this opening in your everyday.

You will need to bring with you a question about something that you need support with or that is currently challenging you. There is no need to share this as we will be working to resolve this in a different way with the healing power of the natural world. Email

Sacred Activism Events Monthly. Near PERTH, SCOTLAND, with Brian Anderson. These events are held each month throughout the year please see website for dates.

Ayahuasca Apprenticeship Retreats Ongoing Ayahuasca and shamanic plant diet apprenticeship retreats with Shipibo Maestra Rosa, in SACHA HUARMI, PERUVIAN AMAZON. 1-26 weeks. Certificate from 13 weeks onwards.

Blue Morpho Shamanic Ayahuasca & Sacred Plant Retreats, IQUITOS, PERU. Blue Morpho offers traditional ayahuasca retreats and plant medicine dietas in a safe, professional and engaging environment. We specialize in guiding traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in a way that is understandable, impactful and results-oriented. In the last 16 years we have successfully led over 5,000 people through life-changing experiences and this continues to be the heart and soul of our work. We strive to embody 7 Core Principles: Medicine, Safety, Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Community, and Heart. These principles form the bedrock of what we do, and represent our commitment to helping others achieve profound and lasting change through ayahuasca and sacred plant medicine.

Recognized as one of the most renowned shamanic centers in the Peruvian Amazon, all our ayahuasca retreat programs are led by 7th Generation Master Shaman, Maestro Alberto Torres Davila, who has over 50 years of experience working with ayahuasca and medicinal plants. Together with our team of dedicated shamans and assistants, our work helps unite these ancient practices with modern needs to illuminate and unlock the many benefits that ayahuasca and the shamanic arts have to offer you. Please click on website link for more information.


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