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A list of shamanism workshops, events, conferences and related training in the UK and throughout the world by established practitioners and trainers.

Events are open to the general public unless stated otherwise. Click on the event title link (highlighted in blue) or image to view websites which will open in a new webpage where available. Contact information may also be given on the event advertisement. For more information on any event please contact the event holder directly. Events diary listings are in date order.

For shamanic drumming circles please view our Drum Circles page.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, ‘lockdown’ and physical social distancing in many countries most events due to take place currently are now cancelled or postponed. We have left this listing online so you can if you want check with the event holder whether future events and workshops in 2020 are still planned, cancelled or whether alternatives have been put in place such as online events etc.

If you are currently advertising events on this page and have cancelled them or put alternatives in place please let us know so we can edit the listing.


The Sacred Wheel (A Path of Exploration). 1 year course with Lyn Hill and Katharine Lucy Haworth, Mealbank Hall, Ingleton, Carnforth, NORTH YORKSHIRE.

Course Dates – weekends: 21 – 22 March; 13 – 14 June; 12 – 13 September; 19 – 20 December 2020; Saturday 6th March 2021.

A journey of self-discovery deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales in Ingleton surrounded by beautiful countryside bought to you by two dedicated teachers each bringing their own unique specialties.

Each morning will begin with gentle Well Woman Yoga to connect with our bodies and to feel into our creativity and clear energetic blockages. We will have drum journeys each day inviting you to connect with the direction and element we are working with. We will connect with the land and elements around us during meditative walks. We will make our own unique Medicine Wheel and set of Medicine Cards. You will also receive an invite to a Secret Facebook Group where we can share our work and encourage each other along the way in between our gatherings.
We invite you to spend the whole weekend in this deep immersive experience for no extra cost just bring a mat and sleeping bag and you can sleep in the hut overnight (kitchen, shower and accessible toilet available), or there are plenty of places to stay or camp in and around the village.

Investment £864, Early bird offer of £800 expires 31 December 2019. Instalment schemes available.

Contact to book or for more information – Mobile: Lyn 07733 267048; Katharine 07533 663103. Email: or

Elemental Journey. A series of five day workshops to honour connect and integrate the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit within ourselves as well as out in the world. Near PERTH, SCOTLAND with Brian Anderson, Sunday 22nd March, Air; Saturday 13th June, Fire 10am-5pm; Sunday 27th September Water; Saturday 28th November Earth; Sunday 14th February 2021 Spirit. All workshops 10am-5pm.

The elements are present within us and in the natural world and form a framework that supports and sustains the fabric of life itself. By deepening our connection with them we can flow into a more natural rhythm with our own and nature’s cycle’s that knowingly or unknowingly we are influenced deeply by. They offer a great support and gateway for our own wellbeing and creativity as well as holding a sacred mystery that leads us on a journey to a place of knowing and renewal.

If this work calls to you I look forward to sharing this adventure with you. Over the years I have worked with them it’s clear to me there is no end to the depths our relationship with them can be.

Each workshop requires no previous shamanic experience and offers simple practices, creative process as well as ceremony to open and deepen our relationship with these 5 elements.

The workshops are connected and have a flow bringing a strength to each other. They can however be taken as a stand-alone day. Cost for all five workshops is £250 or for individual workshops £60 for the day, including vegan lunch. For booking or with any question please get in contact me. Deposit required at booking. Contact email or phone/text 07976 264432.

Meeting the Land as Spirit. Friday 27th, Saturday 28th, Sunday 29th March 2020 each day 10am/5pm, on the Saturday we will be having a ceremony with the land from 7pm. Near PERTH, SCOTLAND with Brian Anderson.

It is known within shamanic cultures that nature is seen as “the visible face of spirit” in these times where so many of us are disconnected from the very thing that sustains us, the natural world, returning to this wisdom is an important journey to undertake, one where we can walk as a part of this living earth.

This three day workshop is a step on that journey where together we will come to a new or deeper relationship with ourselves as a part of the land we walk upon as a supportive companion in our lives. Working with shamanic methods ceremony and practices to develop this awareness we step back into what is a true homecoming. This relationship is transformational in how we as individuals act and respond to ourselves and our environment and all life we share this with for often what the land needs from us is what we ourselves need.

Cost for all three days £180 please contact with any questions and bookings £60 deposit on booking including all materials and vegan lunch each day. Contact email or phone/text 07976 264432.

The Healers Path Mastery School with Sergio Magaña. Stephens House and Gardens, LONDON, N3 3QE. March 27-30; June 13-16; Sept 9-12.

The Mastery Healing School is returning to London and New York in 2020 with acclaimed teacher Sergio Magaña! This is a unique opportunity, not only for self-healing but also for becoming a healing practitioner and healing others using most effective techniques of Toltec ancient wisdom and knowledge.

This is a comprehensive programme in Tol Nahualism, including:

  • how to strengthen your energy body for personal healing and protection
  • the mathematics of the universe to create perfect synchronicity, sense of connection and timing. Different therapies respond to different counting systems and Sergio will demonstrate which system is used for which purpose.
  • an understanding and respect for the four directions and how to work with each direction in your life and healing
  • how to work with the duality of creation on the earth (Tonatzin) with the male and female aspects
  • explore the connection with the Eye of Tezcatlipoca which is similar to the traditions of the eye of Horus or the Masonic all-seeing eye
  • healing your ancestors through 7 generations is a very powerful tradition assuming that you inherit more than your physical DNA from your family. You also inherit the energy of your lineage’s karma. You are the result of their thoughts, words, and deeds and you can access and shift that energy of all that your family has done in the past. Exploring this tradition can help release significant energy blocks
  • Cutting cords in your bloodline of your mother’s and father’s lineage to unlock your power and achieve your greatest destiny
  • How to perform psychic surgery to support physical and emotional health
  • Energising your hands and learning how to use each finger for specific purposes
  • Removing energetic blocks (flints) through your crown
  • Clearing your aura (teotlohtli) and chakras (totonalcayos) according to the ancient traditions
  • Unify your conscious and subconscious mind (tonal and nahual) by learning how to work with your perceptions (similar to Carlos Castenada’s teaching of assemblage point)
  • Quetzalcoatl meditations harness the healing powers of the feathered serpent. The serpent has been used to symbolise rebirth, transformation, immortality, and healing. This meditation will help you raise your energy from your sacrum to your crown, having a similar effect to a kundalini awakening
  • Healing practices of the 9 underworlds which will take you deeply into your subconscious where your shadow energy is stored
  • The 8 bands of healing which helps you remove detrimental energy anchored in the physical body and releasing this energy harmlessly to the void.
  • Connecting with the earth by planting sacred symbols to create and manifest a new reality in the physical world.
  • Examining the cyclical nature of life and learn how to close cycles and open new ones while connecting your body, mind and soul.

Fees £1200 for 3 sessions of 4 days. Payment by instalments available. For more information and to reserve your place email

Discover and Empower your Inner Medicine Woman with Christa MacKinnon, 28th & 29th March, DEVON. Cost £145.00.

This two day course will connect you to your Inner Medicine Woman, an archetypal aspect of your deeper self, who calls you to grow into your power, claim your gifts, learn how to use them and contribute to the change. The Ancient Medicine Woman has many aspects to her. She is: the Wild Woman, the Shamanka, the Witch, the Herbalist, the Healer, the Priestess, the Activist, the Creatrix – to name a few. Waking the specific aspect that resides deep within you, waiting to be heard, nurtured and brought to the fore will change your life. Connecting to, trusting in and working with her wisdom and energy will unleash your primal power, show you your unique path, and how to walk it.

Once you have connected with her she will support you to:

· Remember your deeper calling
· Activate and develop your specific gifts
· Accept the challenge to reclaim your fierce/earth/womb power.
· Intuit and embody your ancient wisdom
· Share your medicine with the world.

If you are on a journey of self-actualisation and feel called to develop your unique gifts and share them with the world to change people’s lives for the better, come and join us. Click on link above for more information and to book.

Way Of The Warrior Healer, with Davyd and Emma Farrell. Indigenous Plant Medicine and Otherworld Magic. A 9 module graduated path to becoming a contemporary healerwith the wisdom, plant medicine and magic of the ancients. Starting April 2020, MID-WALES.

This course will take you through a series of initiations and inner processes of transformation for you to emerge standing in your true power as a medicine person and guardian of the Earth. Inner wisdom comes from the level of the soul and the truth of our existence will only emerge through making the soul conscious, by uniting the higher and lower minds and moving our perceptions into multi dimensional realms.To be a true healer, ready to work with the powerful forces of our modern age takes inner strength, a pure energy field, integrity and a focused mind. On the journey you will learn to cultivate these directly fromour own indigenous plants and trees, they will be your trusted guides into the shadow and into the eternal light.

For more information please click on website link above, download brochure, or email

Healing the Divided Self & Traveling Home: Soul Retrieval Training Course, 3rd to 5th April, near LONDON with Christa MacKinnon.

This three-day non-residential experiential training course will teach you the ancient tool of Shamanic Soul Retrieval, adjusted to contemporary practice. You will learn how retrieve and integrate parts for yourself and others. You will be able to to integrate your learning within your therapeutic or healing practice, your shamanic work or just utilise it for yourself.

Course content
• The shamanic concept of Soul Loss
• Shamanic Worlds: lower- upper and middle worlds
• Shamanic helpers for Soul Retrieval: power animals & spirit guides
• Journeying to retrieve split-off parts
• Retrieving split-off parts for your clients
• Grounding and Integrating of the retrieved soul parts: shamanic and modern concepts

Eligible: Psychologists, therapeutic practitioners, counsellors, healers, coaches, body workers, Reiki- and other energy/spiritual practitioners and people with some previous experience in shamanism. Click on link above for more information and to book.

Shamanic Elemental Balance Workshops, with DK Green , CHESTERFIELD, DERBYSHIRE, UK.

Walk around the wheel with DK once more. Join us for this development circle, that aims to help you to incorporate the elements simply, practically and wonderfully into your daily lives. Achieve balance in your life, through the elements.
– Remaining Saturdays: April 4th, May 2nd, June 6th.
– 9.30am to 5pm
– bring a pack lunch
– lovely Chesterfield venue, Future House
– see Facebook events below to apply for your place




Teaching the Shamanic Journey– with Mandy Pullen, 25th & 26th April 2020 – GLOUCESTERSHIRE, England.

This is an advanced weekend for practitioners and healers who understand and are practised in the shamanic journey. Teaching this practise enables you to give an empowering tool to clients allowing them to take responsibility for their own healing and to keep themselves healthy. This is a non- residential weekend with simple budget accommodation on site – lunch is provided.

Fee: £130 / £110 concessions – includes refreshments and lunch on both days.
For more information email; phone 01594 541850, text 07805 800313.

The Arising Feminine with Brooke Medicine-Eagle. A Women’s Retreat exploring Resurrection, Rejuvenation and Renewal, Friday 10th to Monday 13th April 2020 at Trigonos, Nantlle, Gwynedd, LL54 6BW, NORTH WALES, UK.

We will gather at one of North Wales most lovely retreat venues, and tune into the Spring energy, feeling for the natural expansion that comes as the plants awaken and quicken into growth. We will also take time for deep rest, and for dancing our goddess-given creativity into radiant life. We will walk and sit upon the beautiful land for its nurturance, and bathe our feet in pure waters to cleanse away what is old and no longer needed.

What you will learn will encourage the rejuvenation of your body and brain to function in natural and powerful ways. We will also explore spiritual practices to help you fulfil your needs and set up your life for more grace and ease. We will weave together a special altar and unique ceremony for resurrecting our truest, most authentic, finest selves: an initiation ceremony of gratitude and celebration.

Pricing £400 non-residental (includes lunches and dinners), £600 – £700 residential. Booking available via website link above. For more information please contact Claire on +44 (0) 7970 409 724 or

Women’s Self Renewal Retreat, 24-26th April 2020, Cober Hill nr SCARBOROUGH, UK. Do you crave space for reflection, rest and renewal? Join Eileen Mullard for a deeply restorative retreat.

This will be a retreat for deep healing of yourself with an evening fire(s), walking a labrinyth, cultivating self – learning practices, and meditating. By the sea with no cooking just rest and renewal. Eileen will organise everything so that you can concentrate fully on your wellbeing, meeting new like-minded people and having an experience that will stay with you for a long time. All diets catered for.

Cost £260. Places are limited on each retreat so early booking is advisable. More information via link above or email

Horse as Shaman Workshop, 25th April 2020, GUILDFORD, SURREY, UK, with Hat Sa’Re.

Through working with Horse, we too develop our intuitive abilities, start to receive clear messages about our best next steps, along with the ability to better harmonise with the greater “herd”. During this day’s workshop, we will work with: dropping out of the mind, developing the “feeling” sense; clearing our energetic fields, with lightbody activations; shamanic journeying and working with Horse as a power animal; developing our wider spirit guide teams; connecting with Mother Earth and her animal, plant and mineral teachers.

Price: £95 per person, some concessionary rate places available. For more information click on link above or email

Instinction Day Workshop– with Mandy Pullen, Saturday 2nd May 10am to 5pm, Millers Farm, Blakeney, GLOUCESTERSHIRE,GL15 4AP, UK.

Instinction is an antidote to extinction. The word ‘instinction’ itself became ‘obsolete’ (extinct) in the 15/16th century and means ‘inspiration’ or ‘impulse’. With the advent of Climate Change and the Extinction Rebellion movement many are worried, fearful for their future and how to prepare for what might be ‘the end of the world’ for humans and many other species. Instinction allows a different paradigm where, rather than the extinction of species, we see the impulse and inspiration of species. This workshop will introduce and encourage our belief in the necessary act of imagination and help you to ‘become one with our Earth’, in its dream.

Cost: £60 (concs £50) includes lunch and refreshments. Contact – Mandy Pullen / 07805 800313

Plant Spirit & Elemental Retreats: Hawthorn. A series of plant spirit & elemental retreats with Emma & Davyd Farrell. Hawthorn / Fire, 3rd May, The Mill House, Staton, ISLE OF MAN, IM4 1EX.

A transformational journey around the medicine wheel with four plants and trees of Manannan Mac Lir: Hawthorn (Fire), Alder (Water), Burdock (Earth) and Ragwort (Air). We will begin the journey with Hawthorn at Bealtaine, in the direction of South and with the element of fire as Hawthorn is the gateway into the Otherworld. The heart medicine of our islands, Hawthorn is known as the Faery Tree and the Queen of Bealtaine marking the cross quarter between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice and heralding prayers for a fertile and abundant summer. Associated with the ruling deity of the Isle of Man, Manannan Mac Lir, Hawthorn leads us into the land of the shining ones and into the inner realms of nature.

This 3 day retreat is an initiation into the majestic world of Hawthorn, together we will fast and only consume a powerful elixir made from the different parts of the tree. We will work with the spirit of Hawthorn in sacred space for healing, spiritual development and cleansing our heart so that we can embody the positive qualities of this magical tree to make Hawthorn an ally for life.

For more information please click on website link above or email

The Visual Journey – “Reconnect with Spirit and Claim your Creativity”. 9th and 10th May 2020. A two day shamanic art workshop in GLASTONBURY with Sharyn Turner. Come and learn painting techniques as you deepen your connection with spirit. We will be working with power animals, nature spirits and runic energies. £165 including all art equipment. No previous shamanic or artistic experience is required. For more information and to book click on link above or email

The 3rd Shamanic Andes Summit is cancelled due to the coronavirus June 15-23, 2020. (nine-day pilgrimage in ECUADOR with Itzhak Beery) 

The Shamanic Worlds. An exploration of the different shamanic realms, the meaning and significance of different environments (such as the sea, forests, mountains, the sky, and so on) and the healing gifts and teachings of the various beings that live in them.

In eight parts, although the weekends can also be taken individually. Dates. 2020: June 20+21, August 15+16, October 10+11, December 5+6 . 2021: January 23+24, March 6+7, May 22+23, July 17+18.

Venue. LLANDUDNO, NORTH WALES. Tutors. Two tutors from Chris Holt, Jayne Birkett, Marie Edwards and Paul Connery on each weekend, plus additional teaching from Paul Francis. For more information and to book click on link above.

Paint Your Power Animal. 4th and 5th July 2020. A fun and inspiring two day shamanic art workshop in GLASTONBURY with Sharyn Turner. Honour and deepen your connection to your spirit animal as you develop art techniques. You will be gently guided through a process which will enable you to create a meaningful portrait of your power animal. £165 including all art equipment. No previous shamanic or artistic experience is required. For more information and to book click on link above or email

Oak Spirit Residential Retreat 2020 is cancelled due to the coronavirus. Oak Spirit Gathering 2020, DERBYSHIRE at Unstone Grange, Thursday 16th – Sunday 19th July 2020. Contact email

Karpay Initiation Retreat , with Pampamesayok Don Augustine and Santos Machacca Apaza , a paqo from the High Andes, Peru, August 7-16 2020 at Earthspirit Centre, nr GLASTONBURY, UK.

This time of emerging consciousness allows us to fully heal ourselves and share that gift with others. These 7 Karpays or initiation rites are steeped with wisdom and are a wonderful experiential way to embody the secrets of the Andean mystical spiritual path first hand. They are deeply heartfelt transmissions of energetic consciousness offered around beautiful Avalon, Somerset.

This is an exclusive, grounding 8 day retreat, leading us beautifully back into our own deepest heart space, within a safe container of love. These extraordinary teachings allow us to blossom, align, connect to source and feel empowered to walk the path of our highest destiny with humility and grace.

These seven Karpay are energy transmissions of the highest order, helping us to prepare for the ‘Return of the Inca’. A beautiful and powerful inner alignment and healing process, that helps our human consciousness to blossom into enlightenment. This is known as the Taripay pacha, a period meaning ‘The Golden Age of Human Re-union’.

Earlybird offers available. For more information click on website link above; email:; phone/text 07528 614747.

Pilgrimage to NEPAL and TIBET, 18 Aug-08 Sept 2020 with Fotoula Adrimi and Nepalese Shaman, Bhola Banstola .

Our journey is the quest of the spiritual seeker, who surrenders to the spiral of life, follows the etheric energy of the land, practises teachings of inner transformation and strengthens the connection to their spirit and Divine power. We will practice and share ancient teachings through story, Buddhist and Sanskrit philosophy, Mala practice and ancient Himalayan shamanism, to seek deeper understanding and open the gate for spiritual rebirth in Mount Kailash, the mountain of Shiva. Our expert guide and shaman teacher, Bhola Banstola, will guide us into these spaces of inner and outer reality. Below are some of the places we will be visiting. The pilgrimage will include deep shamanic ceremonial work and spiritual practice.

The Itinerary:

  • 18 August 2020 arrival in Kathmandu. We will spend a few days in the city visiting sacred sites before flying to Lhasa.
  • In Lhasa we will visit: Jokhang Temple, a Buddhist temple in Barkhor Square; Drepung Monastery, located at the foot of Mount Gephel; Sera Monastery and Potala Palace, the administrative and religious centre of Tibet and residence of the Dalai Lamas from the 5th to the 14th.
  • From Lhasa we travel to Gyantse – with visits to Pelkor Chode Monastery and Kumbum Monastery.
  • From Gyantse we journey to Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet. We visit the Tashilunpo Monastery, the seat of the Panchen Lama, the second most important spiritual leader of Tibet.
  • Then we travel to Sakya Monastery, the seat of the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism. Our travels take us to Chiu Gompa Monastery, the palace of Guru Rinpoche, at the base of Mt Kailash, near the revered sacred lake, Lake Manasarovar, where Bhola will facilitate a shamanic ceremony of rebirth.
  • In mountain Kailash we have two options: Most of the participants will visit the sacred lake, the mountain (by eco-bus) and also the monastery in the area to devote the days in ceremony and spiritual practice. However, there is an option for those who are physically very fit to undertake the circumambulation of the holy mountain. They will be supported by the practices of the rest of the group in the monastery.
  • We return to Lhasa and depart Kathmandu 08 Sept 2020.

For more information click on website link above or email

International Summit on Shamanism hosted by Nepali Shamans, KATHMANDU, NEPAL, October 1-4, 2020. A Global Gathering of Shamanic Traditions – From the Four Corner of the World hosted by the Shamans of Nepal to coalesce power and presence for healing our planet!

This unprecedented, four-day summit will have cultural programs, as well as shamanic ceremonies and rituals by shamans from all of the seven provinces of present-day Nepal with global representation of many shamanic traditions.

Expect to experience: Shamanic Dances; Sacred Ceremonies; Rituals; Ethnic Music and Dances; Fire-walking; Shamanic Healers …and the Stunning Beauty of Nepal.

Information courtesy of Nepalese Shaman, Bhola Banstola. For more information please visit website (via links given) or email Bhola at

Eco Shamanism Two Year Practitioner Training– with Mandy Pullen, October 2020 to July 2022 – GLOUCESTERSHIRE, England.

A two year course with eight modules of 4 to 5 days each where you will encounter Eco Shamanism either as an individual journey to follow your own path or to become a practitioner gaining a Certificate in the process. Eco Shamanism is a wholistic practise that is married with Deep Ecology – it’s aim is to empower individuals and communities to ‘become one with our Earth’. You will learn and experience all the major shamanic healing techniques including the Eco Mapping/Healing practice specific to Eco Shamanism. Prerequisite: you must know how to journey shamanically.

Fees are paid yearly in advance and include all tuition, meals and accommodation. There are two concessionary spaces.
Early bird price by 30 April 2020: annual fee – £1650 or £1800 with Certificate.
Full price from 1 May 2020 onwards: annual fee – £1900 or £2050 with Certificate.

For more information email; phone 01594 541850, text 07805 800313

Medicine Wheel Training, A Two Year Programme, (One Day a Month), with Ali Rabjohns, October 2020 to September 2022 – EAST SUSSEX, England.

This is an initiation process handed down from the High Andes and the Q’ero nation that helps us to honour ourselves, as well as our friends, our families and our communities with all the light available to us. It is a beautiful and powerful journey around the four cardinal directions with the archetypes of Serpent, Jaguar, Hummingbird and Eagle.

All workshops are experiential and contain a mixture of energetic practices, shamanic journeying, ceremonies and experiential exercises. Be prepared for a deep, magical adventure that is held in a safe container of loving support, allowing you to trust the mystery and beauty of this powerful work and open up to a new paradigm. There will be plenty of shamanic tools and energetic techniques that you can take away with you to practice with your nearest and dearest in order to ‘clear up your river’ and bring your life into balance.

The Medicine Wheel will take place one Sunday a month, please enquire about additional dates for Healing Tools Workshops for practitioners, which will take place on three weekends over the course of the year. Details about the course will be sent out to those interested, core tools we will be: Creating a medicine bundle or Mesa of stones that you will be able to use on your journey to discover your hidden treasure, your true self; Working as a circle; Hucha (heaviness) release and calling in sami (light) to replace this, Sand paintings and fire ceremony, Shamanic journeying, Experiential and creative exercises, Dreaming our world into being, Energetic tracking skills, A deep connection to Nature and receiving the Munay Ki rites.

Fees are paid yearly in advance and include all tuition, some concessionary spaces are available. Early bird price by 30 April 2020: annual fee – £1100. Full price from 1 May 2020 onwards: annual fee – £1200. More info about the course? Please contact:, 07528 614747.

Painting with Shadows. 7th and 8th November 2020, with Sharyn Turner. A two day shamanic art workshop in GLASTONBURY where we will utilise the energies at this dark and liminal time of year to journey inwards. You will be guided through a creative process to help you to produce a piece of sacred art and in the process bring about healing. You will learn painting techniques as you deepen your connection with spirit. We will be working with Power Animals, guides, runic energies and exploring elements of Northern Tradition shamanism. £175 for the weekend which includes all art materials plus transport for the Saturday evening Utiseta ritual at a Neolithic site. No previous shamanic or artistic experience is required. For more information and to book click on link above or email

One Spirit Two Traditions, Mysteries Of Egypt. With Sergio Magana , 30 October – 7 November 2020 (8 nights 9 days). Join us to explore the sacred land of EGYPT!

Reconnect to your primordial memories and discover alchemical secrets of the Neteru – Spirits governing Egyptian mystical tradition. There is a holy land calling you, Sacred Egypt… it will be an experience like no other. We invite you to join us for a transformative, mystical, magical journey of a lifetime!

After arriving in Cairo, the adventure begins…

  • Find the universal golden thread that joins wisdom traditions of Egypt and Mexico.Access a unique private opening at the Pyramid of Giza- Khufu, Khafree, Menkure portal to Sirius and Orion.
  • Explore the mysterious step pyramid of Sakara built for Djoser
  • Participate in unique private visit to Danderah Temple
  • Explore the Abydous Temple built by King Seti I
  • Experience private night visit to Karnak Temple
  • Join us as we take a cruise up the Nile to access temples on the shores of the river and visit the beautiful Temple of Isis on the Isle of Philae, the birthplace of the Goddess Mysteries and a heart of the feminine power of the Goddess.

Cost $ 3300.00 – total sum payable by 1 September 2020, Early bird price is $ 3000.00 and it is available to 1 April 2020.
For more information and to book email


Introduction to Shamanism days. with Paul Francis, Therapeutic Shamanism. VARIOUS LOCATIONS IN THE UK. These one-day workshops run at various times in the year. The day is experiential, and cover the basics of shamanic practice. People usually find them an eye-opening experience that opens a rich and amazing world of possibilities. Participants are shown simple yet profound techniques to enter shamanic reality to reconnect to their own spirituality. No prior experience is necessary. The day includes: the history of shamanism; the key concepts of the shamanic universe; how to enter a shamanic ‘journey’; a power animal retrieval journey; the basics of how to journey for others. For more information or if you would interested in organising an Introductory Day in your area email

Sacred Circle Dance and Drumming. with Michael Meredith, Keith Barrett & Barbara Moorby in CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Tantric Circle Dance [“Dances of Universal Peace”] sessions every 3rd Saturday afternoon in the month plus “Wheel of the Year” Drumming Days every 3 months. Click on website link for more details and contact.

Shamanic Sundays. with Mandy Pullen. FOREST OF DEAN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Usually on the first Sunday of every other month: Forest of Dean 10.30am – 1pm. Bi-monthly journeying circle to allow space for spirit work in our busy lives. Suitable for those who can already journey and beginners as a taster of shamanic journeying. Regular Introduction to Shamanism workshops are held for those who wish to go on and learn the technique. Contact details: Mandy Pullen Tel:01594 541850 or Email:

Monthly Cacao Ceremony. Held every month on the new moon, INVERNESS, SCOTLAND. Using plant medicine teachings, ceremony, meditation, sacred space and guided invocation, music and more. For more information please email

Drum Birthing Days with Nicola & Jason Smalley, The Way of the Buzzard . Near Chorley, LANCASHIRE. There is something really special about crafting your own sacred tool, putting your creative energy into something which you will work with on your spiritual journey for years to come. Join us on one of our days to will birth your own drum. Cost from £190. Contact Nicola or Jason on 01257 233909,

Shamanic Ceremonies & Women’s Circles Circles with Maria Fotiou (Maia) in LONDON. Shamanic Ceremonies & Journeying Circles on/ around the New/ Full Moon and the Holy Days marking the change of the Earth seasons attuning to the higher cosmic frequencies and grounding them for the greatest good of all. For next dates, email Maia at or click on website link.

Birth your Healing Drum with Melonie Syrett . The drum is so much more than an instrument. It is a sacred tool, an ally, a friend. If the drum has called to you, allow me to be your midwife as, in a small group, your drum takes shape. We begin with the hoop and hide, honouring all that came to us for this work and we work with reverence. You will create a full frame drum and beater and we will journey to find its guardian and perhaps its reasons for coming to you. Cost £180.

List of dates on the website up until the end of the year. Other dates can be arranged. Workshops held in LONDON or, if a group of four can be gathered I will come to you. Contact for more details 07462615299.

Shamanic day workshops and weekend retreats running throughout the year in the NORTHWEST OF ENGLAND,with Nicola & Jason Smalley, The Way of the Buzzard. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of the PEAK DISTRICT, YORKSHIRE DALES, FOREST OF BOWLAND and the WEST PENNINE MOORS.Learn and further develop your shamanic practice through nature connection journeying, drumming, crafting, and working with animal spirit guides, spirit guides & teachers, and tree spirit medicine. Contact Nicola and Jason on, 01257 233909

Monthly Shamanic journeying circles, 3rd Friday of the month, just outside of GUILDFORD, SURREY, UK, with Hat Sa’Re. For more information email

Monthly Open ‘Warrior’ Soul Rescue Circle with Shirley Flint and Kieron Morgan. St Michael’s Church The Sanctuary, Ewell Village,SURREY, ENGLAND. 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start. An evening rescuing the lost souls of those who have fought in battle and war, who in such a traumatic and selfless way ended their lives, and those who have died as a result of war throughout all ages and lands. For all enquiries please contact Shirley Flint on 07889 018713 or There is no charge for the evening but donations to St Michael’s are welcome.

Crystal Space Events. Meet up at ‘Our Space’. Events including drum making. SILSDEN, WEST YORKSHIRE.

Munay Ki Network. YORKSHIRE

Walking the Sacred Way. Near PERTH, SCOTLAND, with Brian Anderson. Shamanism opens us to the sacredness of life, this process moves us away from a hierarchical and linear mind to a circular state of consciousness where we know we are connected as one web of life and come to experience life as sacred and that all life is alive and that land is sacred and so asks to be respected. Cultures across the world talk of nature as the visible face of spirit so as we walk we are walking in the presence of spirit this is why a conscious walk in nature can be so restorative for us.

This 3 hour workshop offers an opening and deepening of this sacred experience and offers a practical and effective method of healing that you can use in your life as and when needed. We start with our ceremony with respect and moving our perception to see that land as a sacred living spirit, one that is aware of us as we are aware of it. We then will walk out with the land to continue our work and finally return to share and integrate your experience where support will be given to carry on this opening in your everyday.

You will need to bring with you a question about something that you need support with or that is currently challenging you. There is no need to share this as we will be working to resolve this in a different way with the healing power of the natural world. Email

Sacred Activism Events Monthly. Near PERTH, SCOTLAND, with Brian Anderson. These events are held each month throughout the year please see website for dates.

Monthly Full Moon Fires. near LEWES in EAST SUSSEX, UK with Ali Rabjohns . Circles are a vital way to hold and share light with each other through the level of the heart. These fire ceremonies gather us together to re-connect inwardly and with each other. Anyone can join our circle to experience the essence of this beautiful energy. The ceremony originates from the High Andes in Peru. More Info:, phone 07528 614747.

Ayahuasca Apprenticeship Retreats Ongoing Ayahuasca and shamanic plant diet apprenticeship retreats with Shipibo Maestra Rosa, in SACHA HUARMI, PERUVIAN AMAZON. 1-26 weeks. Certificate from 13 weeks onwards.

Blue Morpho Shamanic Ayahuasca & Sacred Plant Retreats, IQUITOS, PERU. Blue Morpho offers traditional ayahuasca retreats and plant medicine dietas in a safe, professional and engaging environment. We specialize in guiding traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in a way that is understandable, impactful and results-oriented. In the last 16 years we have successfully led over 5,000 people through life-changing experiences and this continues to be the heart and soul of our work. We strive to embody 7 Core Principles: Medicine, Safety, Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Community, and Heart. These principles form the bedrock of what we do, and represent our commitment to helping others achieve profound and lasting change through ayahuasca and sacred plant medicine.

Recognized as one of the most renowned shamanic centers in the Peruvian Amazon, all our ayahuasca retreat programs are led by 7th Generation Master Shaman, Maestro Alberto Torres Davila, who has over 50 years of experience working with ayahuasca and medicinal plants. Together with our team of dedicated shamans and assistants, our work helps unite these ancient practices with modern needs to illuminate and unlock the many benefits that ayahuasca and the shamanic arts have to offer you. Please click on website link for more information.


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