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A list of shamanism workshops, events, conferences and related training in the UK, throughout the world and online by established practitioners and trainers.

Events are open to the general public unless stated otherwise. Click on the event title link (highlighted in blue) or image to view websites which will open in a new webpage where available. Contact information may also be given on the event advertisement. For more information on any event please contact the event holder directly. Events diary listings are in date order with ongoing events listed at the end (beginning with online then in alphabetical order by location).

If you are looking for a shamanic course, workshop or training in shamanism please also look at our Course Providers page.  For shamanic drumming circles please view our Drum Circles page.

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Shamanic Ecotherapy 15th Month Advanced Facilitator Training – September 2022 – December 2023, with Elizabeth Meacham, US – more details soon. Please feel free to email me for more information:

Shamanic Bodywork healing methods, September 1-7 with Itzhak Beery, COLORADO, US.

Rapé & Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony. Shamanic Diagnostic and Body Work. A unique shamanic healing training weekend based on Brazilian Amazonian and Ecuadorian High Andes traditions. Designed for novices with a healthy curiosity and those who have previous healing experience and want to add authentic shamanic-based healing bodywork methods to their toolbox.

In these two full days, you will learn and, most importantly, experience, and practice (If time permitted) on your fellow participants the following: Energy Gazing, Body Hand Scanning, Candle Flame & Egg Diagnostic Reading, Tucuma Needles, Aztec bodywork, Amazonian massage Drum Healing.

For more information and to register please click on title link above or email

Therapeutic Shamanism and Animism First-Steps Course. With the core teaching team of Jayne Birkett, Marie Edwards and Cat Anderson and pre-recorded material by Paul Francis.

This low-cost and eye-opening course introduces people to rich and amazing world of Therapeutic Shamanism. The course is experiential, and covers the basics of shamanic practice. No prior experience is necessary. ONLINE – The course consists of a mixture of videos, live sessions, theory talks, question-and-answer sessions, group discussion, experiential exercises, and practice. Delivered over 4 meetings, with one of the sessions covered in each meeting. Each session is between 3 and 4 hours long. Cost is £80.

Available Dates (All times UK):

September 10, 17, 24, October 1, Saturdays, 10am start

2023 Dates

January 21, 28, February 4, 11, Saturdays, 10am start

May 7, 14, 21, 28, Sundays, 10am start

September 16, 23, 30, October 7, Saturdays, 4pm start

For more information and to enrol please click on website link above. Follow Up Courses and Further Steps Courses also available.

Sacred Cacao ceremony, Sept. 16 and on Sept. 18 a full day workshop Shamanic Divination and Diagnostic techniques with Itzhak Beery. The College of Psychic Studies, LONDON, UK.

Nepali-Himalayan World Shamanism Summit, KATHMANDU, NEPAL, 23 September – 5 October 2022.

Join us in Celebration, Conference and Ceremony. This summit is a Global Gathering of Shamanic Traditions – From the Four Corners of the World, hosted by the Shamans of Nepal to coalesce power and presence to heal our planet! This unprecedented four-day event will have cultural programs, as well as shamanic ceremonies and rituals by shamans from all of the seven provinces of present-day Nepal with global representation of many shamanic traditions.

For more information please click on website link above or email Bhola Banstola at

Contemplation of Our Death, Friday 28th, Saturday 29th, Sunday 30th October, 10am – 5pm, with Brian Anderson, near PERTH, SCOTLAND.

Our physical death is an inevitable as well as natural part of our life’s process and yet can be a source of pain, fear and become a block to living. The aim of this three day workshop is to unlock a deeper understanding of our own death then finding peace with this fact it can then help us to live in a richer, dynamic and creative way.

Coming together at this time of Samhain, where in the Celtic tradition we honour our ancestors, brings an opportunity to explore with others in a safe, respectful and held way our relationship with one of the few things we can be certain of, that we will die.

What has shaped our relationship with death? What do we believe about the dying process and what happens when we die? What part does my relationship with death play in me fully living life? And what awaits beyond death?  These are some of the questions we will be exploring.

Over the three days we will work as a group and on our own with creative tasks, meditations and shamanic journeys, sharing circles, ceremony and time out on the land. This process works to bring us closer to our own defined relationship with our death and then we can explore ways that this acceptance can serve and support our life.

I have had a very present and strong relationship with death from an early age and am delighted to offer this time to share my learning and listen to your experiences and understanding so together we can move towards a life enhancing encounter and initiation with our death, all are welcome regardless of background and beliefs.

Cost for three days £180 including a vegan lunch on each day. Please contact to book your place or with any questions. A deposit of £60 is required with booking to secure your place.

Contact details email

Shifting Terrain – Death and Dying – 6.30pm Thursday 3rd to 3.30pm Sunday 6th November.

A long weekend covering our perceptions and perspectives on death and dying – we aim to shift our terrains from an eco-shamanic perspective. Our practises revolve around various techniques including nature connection, dreaming, guided shamanic journeying, talking circles/councils, creativity/making and more. As our work is dream-led each weekend responds directly to ‘source’ – we trust this process. Run at Ragmans Lane Farm in the WYE VALLEY, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, UK with Mandy Pullen, Jane Embleton and Freya Davies. Cost is £390 which includes accommodation and food – there are two bursary places available at £330 each. Book your place with a £60 deposit.

Contact email – . Please click on event title link for website bookings.


Priestess of the Moon two year training starting in February 2023, by Fotoula Adrimi shamanic teacher and Fi Sutherland, teachers in the ISIS School of Holistic Health. (In person, but people can also join via Zoom. It is recommended everyone comes to the initial meeting where the initiation takes place inside the stone circles). Most teachings take place in GLASGOW, SCOTLAND. The training programme encompasses personal and spiritual development, as well as practices and ceremonies for working in the community.

For more information click on website link above or email



Sacred Oasis Circle, Shamanic Red Tent, for divine feminine healing and soul nurturing in a busy world; with Tanya Adams. We hold an in person group in LONDON with a Zoom link from the room so people can attend ONLINE.

Online shamanic Circle and online shamanic workshops: The circle meets on Mondays via Zoom. We come together as the human tribe to create a sacred space, where we journey and do shamanic ceremony. Each Monday we have a different theme.

Fotoula Adrimi has been facilitating the shamanic circle since 2009. She is an experienced shamanic teacher and member of since 2012. She holds a safe and sacred space for self-empowerment and inner transformation.

Please click on website link above for more information and to join.

The Shamanic Way, A seven module ONLINE (pre-recorded) Introductory Shamanic Course.

This Online Course offers a concise and powerful introduction into the shamanic ways. We explore foundation teachings on how to journey, access the different etheric planes (lower, middle and upper worlds), work with power animals and spirit guides, build an altar and create ceremony. We also work with the Medicine Wheel, including the directions and their spirit keepers. We learn ways to integrate the shamanic work into our lives.

The Course is facilitated by Fotoula Adrimi, Shamanic Teacher and Practitioner. Fotoula has been practising the shamanic ways, professionally for over 14 years. She has studied with indigenous shamans in America and the Himalayas, and with western shamanic teachers. Fotoula completed her shamanic teacher training with Sandra Ingerman. A shamanic lineage runs in her family line.

For more information click on website link above or email

Path of the Eagle 1: Walking the shamanic journey. In this four module ONLINE (pre-recorded) course on classic shamanism, Fotoula Adrimi, shamanic teacher,  shares practices, teachings & ceremonies that will help participants access a deeper calling as they walk their shamanic path. It will also strengthen people’s journeying experience in the alternative realities. The course has been created through Fotoula’s experience in teaching classic shamanism, her Greek ancestral ways, as well as direct revelation from her helping spirits.

For more information click on website link above or email

Path of the Eagle 2: Shamanic Purification. In 5 ONLINE (pre-recorded) modules Fotoula Adrimi, shamanic teacher of classics shamanism, shares practices & teachings that help us purify & cleanse old energies from this & other lives & from our ancestors. Topics include cauldron work, shapeshifting and anthropomorphosis (human-animal state), underworld ancestral bone work, and light work in the upper realms.

The course has been created through Fotoula’s experience in teaching classic shamanism, her Greek ancestral ways, as well as through direct revelation from her helping spirits.

For more information click on website link above or email

Women’s rites shamanic course: The Magic of the Sacred Blood. In this 4-module ONLINE (pre-recorded) webinar, Fotoula Adrimi shamanic teacher, and Priestess of the Moon, facilitates deep work into the awakening of the feminine power within women, that is linked to the womb and the menstrual blood (All women can take part, whether they currently menstruate or are in their elderhood time). In these modules we harness our Divine feminine energy & rebirth our sacred self & work with the phases of the moon as maidens, mothers & elders to share ceremonies, wisdom teachings, & our soul’s gifts.

The course starts on the waxing moon and follows each phase of the moon and each phase of our lives, uniting all women through the sacred blood they shed or have shed from their womb.

For more information click on website link above or email

Sunday evening DISTANCE (ONLINE) drum healing group, on Facebook with Renata & Steven Ash. To join or add names to the list please click on highlighted link.

ONLINE (Zoom) Free Shamanic Support Group, with Itzhak Beery every Friday 11 am -12:30 (New York-EST) . (Please check your local times). If you are interested please email to get a Zoom link a few minutes before the session begins and join many people from around the world.

Journeys With Plant Spirits, with Emma Farrell. ONLINE.

Emma’s online course offers you the chance to step into the inner realms of nature for personal psychospiritual healing with the plant spirits. This course provides a structure through which you will learn directly from the plants and will guide you through a series of plant diets, teachings and exercises based around the seasons, the plants and your own energy system offering a pathway of inner illumination through the light of nature.

The course is designed to be worked through at your own pace and you can also join at any time throughout the year as it is cyclical in nature. By the end of the course you will have met and worked with 4 plant spirits, learned how to make plant spirit medicines, learned new meditations to calm the mind, experienced journeys into the otherworld, learned how to read the correspondences of nature and intuit the medicine of a plant and learned a pathway for working with any plant or tree spirit for your emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Fee £260.

Monthly ONLINE webinar with African sangoma John Lockley.

As a traditionally trained sangoma I have been immersed in ceremony with singing & drumming for the last 20 years. My monthly webinars started off as a way for me to reconnect with friends I have done workshops with around the world. They quickly developed into monthly ceremonies of reconnection & chanting. I love them and I recommend them to anyone looking for some soulful connection once a month.

Cost: Each webinar is part of a monthly subscription of $25, you can cancel at any time. Click on website link for more information or email

Shamanic Sundays. with Mandy Pullen. ONLINE & FOREST OF DEAN, GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Usually on the first Sunday of the month 10.30am – 1pm. Monthly journeying circle to allow space for spirit work in our busy lives. Suitable for those who can already journey and beginners as a taster of shamanic journeying. Regular Introduction to Shamanism workshops are held for those who wish to go on and learn the technique. Contact details: Mandy Pullen Tel: 07805 800313 or Email:

The Temple of the Stars, Full Moon Shamanic Trance Dance. ONLINE. Every month with the full moon. Join us from your own home in a shamanic trance dance event, journeying into the Universal Womb, the universe within, to rebirth ourselves and the New Earth. An opportunity for you to dance your intention into life in an empowering practice. These events are held by Sitke, each month will a different theme and full guidance for you to find all you need within. To find out more, details and videos explaining this practice please click on link to visit website.

ONLINE Shamanic Drumming Circles plus Online Shamanic Classes, with Jonathan Weekes of Heron Drums. Facebook Live and Zoom. Plus ONLINE shamanic classes. For more information please click on link or email

UK Wide

Munay Ki Network UKA network of certified Munay-Ki mentors across the UK offering the traditional nine rites of the Munay Ki. For more information please click on website link.


Shamanic Ceremonies & Women’s Circles Circles with Maria Fotiou (Maia) in LONDON. Shamanic Ceremonies & Journeying Circles on/ around the New/ Full Moon and the Holy Days marking the change of the Earth seasons attuning to the higher cosmic frequencies and grounding them for the greatest good of all. For next dates, email Maia at or click on website link.

Sacred Oasis Circle, Shamanic Red Tent, for divine feminine healing and soul nurturing in a busy world; with Tanya Adams in LONDON. There is also a Zoom link from the room so people can attend either in person or ONLINE.

We meet on line and in Euston once a month on a Wednesday evening.  Members only circle.  For more details email Tanya Adams –

Drum Birthing Workshops with Melonie Syrett.

To birth a drum is to rebirth yourself. Melonie, thedrumwoman, runs regular drum birthing 121 and group workshops as well as retreats across the year.

121 workshops mean that you can make more choices about your drum. Perhaps pyrography or paint on the hoop, different crystal placements, adding feathers or attaching things, changing the way the handle looks. These are £299 per person and 10:30am to around 5:30pm. Group workshops can take up to 7 participants, (if in my home the maximum is 4). In this space we all make a traditional drum with a cross handle or 3 strand goddess handle. You have the option of placing a crystal in the centre of the handle. These are £200 per person.

Melonie also offers advanced workshops for those that have perhaps birthed a drum before and now want to expand their creativity. In these workshops people have created whale tail handles, ovoid drums with stick handles, intricate handle designs or crystal placements and more.

Melonie also makes and sells drums, take commissions for embellished drums and rattles.

For more information click on website link above, Instagram and Facebook @thedrumwoman. Email

Shamanic weekend retreats running throughout the year in the NORTHWEST OF ENGLAND, AND NORTH WALES with Nicola & Jason Smalley, The Way of the Buzzard. Immerse yourself in the beautiful landscapes of the PEAK DISTRICT, YORKSHIRE DALES, LAKE DISTRICT AND SNOWDONIA national parks. Learn and further develop your shamanic practice through nature connection journeying, drumming, crafting, and working with animal spirit guides, spirit guides & teachers, and tree spirit medicine. Contact Nicola and Jason on

Monthly Shamanic journeying circles, 3rd Friday of the month, just outside of GUILDFORD, SURREY, UK, with Hat Sa’Re. For more information email

Monthly Open ‘Warrior’ Soul Rescue Circle with Shirley Flint and Kieron Morgan. St Michael’s Church The Sanctuary, Ewell Village, SURREY, ENGLAND. 7.00 pm for a 7.30 pm start. An evening rescuing the lost souls of those who have fought in battle and war, who in such a traumatic and selfless way ended their lives, and those who have died as a result of war throughout all ages and lands. For all enquiries please contact Shirley Flint on 07889 018713 or There is no charge for the evening but donations to St Michael’s are welcome.

Monthly Full Moon Fires.near LEWES in EAST SUSSEX, UK with Ali Rabjohns . Circles are a vital way to hold and share light with each other through the level of the heart. These fire ceremonies gather us together to re-connect inwardly and with each other. Anyone can join our circle to experience the essence of this beautiful energy. The ceremony originates from the High Andes in Peru. More Info:, phone 07528 614747.


Walking the Sacred Way.Near PERTH, SCOTLAND, with Brian Anderson. Shamanism opens us to the sacredness of life, this process moves us away from a hierarchical and linear mind to a circular state of consciousness where we know we are connected as one web of life and come to experience life as sacred and that all life is alive and that land is sacred and so asks to be respected. Cultures across the world talk of nature as the visible face of spirit so as we walk we are walking in the presence of spirit this is why a conscious walk in nature can be so restorative for us.

This 3 hour workshop offers an opening and deepening of this sacred experience and offers a practical and effective method of healing that you can use in your life as and when needed. We start with our ceremony with respect and moving our perception to see that land as a sacred living spirit, one that is aware of us as we are aware of it. We then will walk out with the land to continue our work and finally return to share and integrate your experience where support will be given to carry on this opening in your everyday.

You will need to bring with you a question about something that you need support with or that is currently challenging you. There is no need to share this as we will be working to resolve this in a different way with the healing power of the natural world. Email

Sacred Activism Events Monthly.Near PERTH, SCOTLAND, with Brian Anderson. These events are held each month throughout the year please see website for dates.


Ayahuasca Apprenticeship Retreats Ongoing Ayahuasca and shamanic plant diet apprenticeship retreats with Shipibo Maestra Rosa, in SACHA HUARMI, PERUVIAN AMAZON. 1-26 weeks. Certificate from 13 weeks onwards.

Blue Morpho Shamanic Ayahuasca & Sacred Plant Retreats, IQUITOS, PERU. Blue Morpho offers traditional ayahuasca retreats and plant medicine dietas in a safe, professional and engaging environment. We specialize in guiding traditional ayahuasca ceremonies in a way that is understandable, impactful and results-oriented. In the last 16 years we have successfully led over 5,000 people through life-changing experiences and this continues to be the heart and soul of our work. We strive to embody 7 Core Principles: Medicine, Safety, Service, Professionalism, Integrity, Community, and Heart. These principles form the bedrock of what we do, and represent our commitment to helping others achieve profound and lasting change through ayahuasca and sacred plant medicine.

Recognized as one of the most renowned shamanic centers in the Peruvian Amazon, all our ayahuasca retreat programs are led by 7th Generation Master Shaman, Maestro Alberto Torres Davila, who has over 50 years of experience working with ayahuasca and medicinal plants. Together with our team of dedicated shamans and assistants, our work helps unite these ancient practices with modern needs to illuminate and unlock the many benefits that ayahuasca and the shamanic arts have to offer you. Please click on website link for more information.


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